Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone had a great holiday!  We had a great time.  The kids really enjoy the company of their cousins.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we have a new cousin – Easton’s baby brother Henrik.  Here are some pictures of him with his cousins.

DSC 2410

They all adore him.  He’s definitely gotten his fair share of smooches from all of them.

DSC 2417

Ahhh, Christmas Eve.  Time for the post church family pictures.  No one is allowed to change into their red gym shorts (ERIC) or pajamas (everyone else) until these photos have been successfully taken.  I can’t say that OUR family photos were much of a success.  Dylan was too hopped up on candy to sit still and take a decent picture.  So enjoy these outtakes!

DSC 2425DSC 2426DSC 2427DSC 2428

He literally pulled me down to the ground.

DSC 2430

Good thing I wasn’t wearing a skirt! ; )

DSC 2431DSC 2432

This is the best of the bunch.  Oh well!  We tried.

DSC 2435DSC 2436

I especially like this outtake – I even left Avery’s black eye black so she looks as purdy as the rest of us.

DSC 2437

Now onto the rest of the peeps.  Getting one picture of every person looking decent is hard work – especially when theres a lot of people!   I think this picture of Eric and his sisters (plus 2 stowaway children) is probably the best one I got!

DSC 2443

Eric is excited to be a part of this.

DSC 2445

And it really helps to have someone who knows how to work the camera!  Grandma Kim was cracking us up with her camera prowess.

DSC 2461

The Wikoff Fam!

DSC 2465

Gma and Gpa with all 8 grandchildren.  Again, getting everyone to look decent is too hard.  Adelyn is funny here.

DSC 2481

Time for PRESENTS!!!!

DSC 2485

Gma made paper airplanes as a gag gift.  They turned out to be a hit!

DSC 2488DSC 2494

Dylan was really excited when he got his combine from Gma and Gpa W.

DSC 2522DSC 2525DSC 2526DSC 2533DSC 2534

And Avery was very pleased with pretty much everything she got.

DSC 2548

She LOVED these skirts from Gma and Gpa.

DSC 2555

So much so, that she immediately stripped off her pajamas and put on her new clothes.

DSC 2573

Eric was enjoying being the photographer and catching everyone “in the moment.”

DSC 2614DSC 2615DSC 2616DSC 2626

Another one of Avery’s favorites – some princess dress up clothes from Uncle Eddie and Auntie Kacie.

DSC 2703DSC 2706

Grandpa made some sort of contraption for Chandler.  Must be for hanging up hockey equipment?

DSC 2709

Dylan was all flustered when he heard that the Santa tracker put Santa nearby.  So he was wanting to GO TO BED NOW.  Which is why he has the look on his face like, HURRY UP!

DSC 2710

Kids in bed, time to party.  They were all pleased to receive one of these fancy hospital mugs from Kim and Danny.  Except maybe Chandler who is looking at his mug with quite the puzzled look.

DSC 2713

Christmas morning!  Santa came!  He didn’t pass us by!

DSC 2741DSC 2744DSC 2754DSC 2759

And here is the annual Christmas day hockey game.  Avery lasted like 5 minutes.  She looked the part tho with her puffy jersey and black eye.

DSC 2772

Hobey was ready for fun!

DSC 2775DSC 2776

Dylan was pretty into the game and scored many, many goals.

DSC 2779DSC 2786DSC 2789

Good times had by all the past few days!  Hope your Christmas was just as fun!!


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2 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Susan Damato says:

    looks like you guys had a great time! me not so much….

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