Skating in Crookston

We all went skating yesterday in Crookston.  7 of the 8 grandkids on the Wikoff side were on the ice at the same time.  Henrik doesn’t skate yet as he is only 3 weeks old.  Apparently they don’t make skates in newborn size otherwise he totally would have.  The youngest cousins used the chairs.  Here’s Avos with her chair.

DSC 2373

And here I am with MY chair.  I’m a beginner skater, you see.

DSC 2378

Everyone seemed very amused with my skating abilities (or lack there of).

DSC 2381

Even the kids who DO skate took turns with the chairs.  Here’s Ella!

DSC 2383

Thought I’d show off Avos’ shiner.  She even has make up on it and it STILL looks bad.  Dylan gave her the shiner as an early Christmas present.  “She told me to throw the toy at her.”  Mmmhmmm.  Karma got him back while he was on the lake ice yesterday. He fell and his stick whacked him in the forehead.  So he has a matching goose egg to go with her black eye.  Coupla real hockey players we’ve got on our hands!  Adelyn also took a spill on the ice yesterday and got some ice rash on her face.  We’re wondering who’s next?!?

DSC 2398

Cousin Chandler pushed the kids on this bumper thingy.  They loved it!  And Chandler got a good workout I’m sure!

DSC 2401DSC 2405

They had a lot of fun and are going back to skate again this morning.

DSC 2407

I just posted videos of them skating (and other stuff too) to our You Tube Channel.  Check em out!  Merry Christmas Eve!


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2 Responses to Skating in Crookston

  1. Susan Damato says:

    that shiner matches her purple outfit nicely.

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