Christmas Dress Rehearsal

We had a Christmas dress rehearsal this past weekend with my side of the family.  My parents and my brother’s family came.  CoCo was on high alert as more children were around for him to keep an eye on.  Cousins Natalie and Daniel don’t have an elf yet, but they might get one next year.  Natalie thought CoCo was a load of crap.  Looks like she’s on the naughty list!!!

DSC 2041

We played Wii bowling for entertainment.  The kids LOVED it.  Can’t say the adults didn’t love it too.  We all took turns getting schooled by Dylan who appears to have a knack for it.  He gets it from me.  Only person he couldn’t beat was yours truly! : )

DSC 2043

Such form!

DSC 2059

She must have gotten a strike!

DSC 2064

And here it is “Christmas Morning.”  Take one.

DSC 2070

First up, they all got aprons, chef hats and oven mitts.

DSC 2072DSC 2075DSC 2076

This makes me laugh.  Oh Avos and Taco Jon (sporting swim trunks in December!).  Speaking of Taco Jon.  He gave Avery and Dylan new nicknames to go with the one they gave him.  QuesaDylan and Avos Rancheros.  We then gave Natalie her own Mexican moniker – Nacholie.  Still thinking on Daniel.

DSC 2092

This Barbie came from Auntie Susan.  She loves it!

DSC 2128

Dylan’s favorite show these days is Chuggington, so he was quite pleased to receive this gift from Grandma and Grandpa H.

DSC 2133

Eric got this paddle from my parents.  We all decided that if you didn’t follow the rules on the paddle then you get paddled.  So clearly, the boys in this house need to start putting the seat down or they are gonna GET IT!

DSC 2156

Here’s the fancy new mug Eric got me.  There was a “redeem for new hockey skates” coupon inside it.

DSC 2166

Taco Jon scored his very own antique cracker tin.  We’ve had a long standing argument over the one at my parents house.  I wrote my name on the bottom of it and my dad signed off on it.  Then my smarty pants sister chimed in and said it wasn’t notarized.  I’m hoping this at least gets Jon off my back.

DSC 2191

See – no signature!  It’s his very own!

DSC 2192

Avos Rancheros also got a cabbage patch doll that she likes very much.  She’s in baby heaven!DSC 2195

And finally, Eric bought a snowmobile this weekend too.  He wanted you all to see it.  Obviously this has jinxed our snow situation – we have NONE.  Brown Christmas in Minnesota this year.  Boooooo hisssssssss.

DSC 2201

Well, I think we’re all warmed up and ready for the real thing.  All I want for Christmas is SNOW.  It just isn’t Christmas without it.  So if anyone could get that for me, that’d be great.  Thanks.



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4 Responses to Christmas Dress Rehearsal

  1. Susan Damato says:

    looks like a fun time!

  2. Huck says:

    Fairness in conversation….Dylan beat Trishy twice and Trishy only beat Dylan once!

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