Christmas is coming…

I had to tote Avery with me to my hair appointment the other day.  Somehow, she ended up in the chair too.  She wanted her hairs did!

2011 12 13 17 37 30 476

Thankfully, Avery is always on her best behavior in public.  She saves her tantrums just for me at home.  So sweet!  My stylist and everyone else at the salon wanted to eat her up with a spoon.  She loved every. single. second. of it.

2011 12 13 17 38 01 702011 12 13 17 43 07 913

She loves seeing herself in the mirror – this was no exception!  Where else can you check yourself out with such admiration and it not be misconstrued as vanity?  When you’re at the “booty shop,” of course!

2011 12 13 17 44 26 372011 12 13 17 44 47 516

She just got the ends trimmed and then it was time for her favorite part – the blow out.  AND she got it flat ironed which she was pretty pleased about.

2011 12 13 17 45 37 2742011 12 13 17 52 44 207

We’ve been making cookies for the past few days.  Yesterday it was time to make some gluten free goodies for cousin Natalie who has celiac disease.  She’s coming this weekend and her cousins didn’t want her to be deprived of treats.  They did the unwrapping of the kisses for GF Peanut Butter Kiss cookies!

DSC 1971

We did some Zumba dancing while waiting for them to finish baking.

DSC 1977

Love how Avery is running in ready to dance.

DSC 1979

And then it was cookie time.  They taste the same as the regular ones!

DSC 1994

Seriously, no one would know they were gluten free unless I told them!  Natalie will be pleased.

DSC 1996

Then I decided it was time for some pics of us together.

DSC 2012

We’re trying to persuade Dylan to join us.

DSC 2016


DSC 2018DSC 2019

The camera loves you, babies!

DSC 2020DSC 2022

And finally, look what silly CoCo did this morning!

DSC 2029

Avery wasn’t as big of a fan of it as Dylan was.  She wanted it wiped off immediately.  She likes looking her best, duh!

DSC 2030

Well, its fake Christmas this weekend so look for a super awesome post this weekend!


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One Response to Christmas is coming…

  1. Renae says:

    Natalie looked at the cookies and got a big smile on her face and exclaimed “Yay.” Then Daniel got sad and said “ooohhhh.” I told him he could eat those too and he said, “I don’t eat gluten free.” Avery did look like she was enjoying the salon!

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