Skating, skating and more skating

Let the festivities begin!  1 week til fake Christmas, 2 weeks til real Christmas!  I have a lot of baking to do this week in preparation, but we got things started off with these. Dylan picked them out.  They taste just like Spritz!  But without the tedious cookie gun thingy!

DSC 1927

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!  Avery now has skates courtesy of cousin Easton.

DSC 1929

She needed Eric’s help at first walking around.

DSC 1933DSC 1936

But she quickly got the hang of it and started cruisin’ around the room on her own.

DSC 1940

Then came the real test – how would it go on the actual ice?

DSC 1944

About like I thought it would.  She didn’t want any help, but it proved to be “too hard for me!” – one of her favorite sayings.  She was out there for about 3 minutes before she went down like a sack of potatoes and demanded to be brought into the house.  Here’s the video (sack of potatoes moment not featured):

Eduted to add – nevermind – link isnt working to post right now.  Please visit our You Tube channel to see 2 new videos.

DSC 1945

It is pretty warm out today, so we decided to venture out to the lake rink for some skating and other shenanigans.

DSC 1952DSC 1954

Here are the “other shenanigans.”  Eric was pulling Avery on the sled and then decided I should get in too.

DSC 1959

Avery rode on my lap and Dylan trailed behind us.

DSC 1960

He’s amused here b/c of my reaction – one that was not of glee.

DSC 1962DSC 1963

He’s still laughing because I have just expressed my need to vomit.

DSC 1965

And despite the fact that Avery and I were DONE – we were off again.

DSC 1966

Avery and I were sooooo outta there.  Barf city.  She got off and made a beeline for the house. I snapped one last picture – of Dylan on the puke inducing sled.  He seemed to be enjoying it tho.  I’d post videos of this, but then you’d want to puke too, so I won’t.

DSC 1968


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