Ice IN!

This post is a few days late!  We filled up the ice rink earlier this week since it was finally cold enough to do so.

DSC 1858

Eric decided to go with a tarp this year instead of poly plastic stuff.  We’ll see if it holds up.  He’s already worried that it’s gonna be leaky and heat up too much because of the color.  I think his fear is legitimate!

DSC 1859

The ice skaters were very excited to see the rink being filled!

DSC 1862

The special guests (Gma Kim and Gpa Danny) were also very excited about the rink.

DSC 1879

Dylan kept busy with paper airplanes while waiting for the rink to be filled.

DSC 1882

Gpa Danny warmed up with a new sweatshirt for his 61st birthday (next week) while waiting for the rink to fill up.

DSC 1886

And the next day – we had ice!  Dylan shoveled off the fine dusting of snow that fell during the night and then…

DSC 1890

He was off!  Avery joined him on the ice for ohhhhh about 2 minutes.  Totally worth getting all her snow gear on. ; )

DSC 1896

Here he is doing some drills – stepping over sticks.

DSC 1910

And click here for a video – special request from another little skater, Cousin Easton.


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