Oh, Chunky Tree.

It was another “best day ever!”  Dylan is in love with this time of year.  He LOVES the decorations, the songs, the treats – everything!  So when we decided that we were going to get the tree yesterday, I knew it was going to be another “best day ever!”  For him anyway.  It started out rough.  Eric had gotten us a new tree stand after chucking our old one last year (here is where hindsight is 20/20).  We struggled and struggled to get it together.  Finally, it appeared to be “together” so we stuffed the tree in.  No luck.  Kept tipping one way or the other (I was holding on to it, so it never went completely over).  Eventually we decided SCREW IT and the kids and I went to town to buy a new one.  Just like our old one.  So, here we are several hours later, ready for decorating.  I had gotten the tripod out since its such fun to use.  I had to cut him off after about 10 pictures that look just like this one.

DSC 1592

Lights on, time to trim the tree!  He could hardly stand the wait.  I’m pretty anal with my lights, so it takes me awhile to get them on.  But its worth the time.  He started opening all the ornament boxes on his own and racing to the tree to put them up, each time exclaiming, “Oh look at this one!” or “I remember this one!”

DSC 1595

We set aside a small pile of ornaments for Avery, who was having her shower.  Ladies enjoy being clean.  Dylan, not so much.  He said NO to the shower, YES to the ornaments.

DSC 1613

He’s much more professional this year.  No more over-crowding the branches with ornaments.  He even got a stool so he could place ornaments up higher.

DSC 1621

Avery is still very beginner with her decorating skills.  One branch got the brunt of her ornaments.

DSC 1624DSC 1626

Eric took over picture taking here and coached the kids in running past the camera so he could snap pictures of them.  Fine by me!  Had to fix some of the “not so pretty” areas of the tree.

DSC 1645DSC 1651DSC 1653DSC 1657DSC 1658DSC 1661DSC 1663DSC 1667DSC 1672

Here’s CoCo, watching it all unfold.

DSC 1676

Finally, time to put the star on old Chunky.  Eric named her that.  Hey, we could have had a nice taller model, but nooooo, he said it wouldn’t fit.  Um, its as tall as me!  In his defense though, we had to cut off a lot off the bottom.  This happens every year tho.  We go to the tree lot, I pick a lovely taller tree.  He vetoes it.  We go home with a short, squatty tree and then we rip on it all season.  Oh well.  Every tree needs a home I guess.  Mark my words tho, ERIC WIKOFF – we are getting a taller tree next year!!!!!!!  There is no way I should be able to help Dylan put the star on!  Thats redick!

DSC 1682DSC 1684DSC 1685

He’s laughing because it wasn’t going on easily and I was yelling at him to hurry as my arms were giving out.  He’s a heavy little bugger!

DSC 1689

Trying to assess the situation.  Ended up making Chunky even more squatty.  Sorry Chunks!

DSC 1691

Here’s Avery’s branch.  Such nice clustering.

DSC 1696

I was trying to take some beauty shots of Chunky.  Messing with settings, light, etc.  Set the camera down to do something else.  And….

DSC 1703

CHUNKY. FELL. OVER.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I nearly lost my shiz.  Trishy had to do some deep breathing exercises here to remain calm.  Chunky’s ornaments fell off.  Garland fell down.  A gallon of water woooooooshed out all over the floor.  Trishy very mad at Chunky!  Bad Chunky!!!!

DSC 1704

As I sit here typing, Chunky is looking at me like, “What’d I do????”  You know what you did Chunky!  You’re doing it right now!  LEANING.  Grrrr.  Eric even strapped Chunky up with fishing line after the incident and here she still leans.  Chunky better start behaving or CoCo is telling Santa!!!!!



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8 Responses to Oh, Chunky Tree.

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Ooooh BAD chucky!! I too would have flipped out!! Can sure tell D was/is excited!!! XXX

  2. Susan Damato says:

    HA! best blog ending ever. i didn’t see that one coming! totally worth it. the shot of the ornaments strewn all over the floor is priceless! especially after you were pulling a mom and being anal about your tree. that tree showed you!

  3. Oh bad bad Chunky!!! So sorry to hear about her falling over!!! We have to use the fishing line at the house every year as you know!!! I sure do hope you get a taller tree next year!! I loved Avos branch!!! Perhaps Grandma Kim will allow Dylan to help her decorate her tree since he does such good work 🙂

  4. Kim Wikoff says:

    HA HA HA I loved this as well. We fight tree stands every year and also getting the tree to stand straight!!! It is a very nicely shaped tree evenif it is chunky…haha I I am fussy in wanting my tree to be shaped nice and not as tall as we usually get 12 feet would do it…I would of needed a week to recover from a tree fall after decorating it so u did very good Tricia I am proud of u for keeping your cool!!!It’s fun to see the kids enjoying the season and all their excitement .!! So darn cute!! xxoo

  5. Lex says:

    As long as Eric is calling the TREE Chunky and noone else, I think you’re good!
    Maybe Avery’s branch tipped the scale a bit? Hope Chunky behaves for Christmas!

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