The Best Day EVER!

Dylan declared today the BEST DAY EVER!  Let me tell you why.  First, he got to look for CoCo, our scout elf from the North Pole.  CoCo (not pictured – stay tuned!) watches them all day long and then reports back to Santa at the North Pole each night.  Then he hides in a new spot for them to find him in the morning.  Dylan thinks CoCo is awesome!  As do I….many a behavioral issue has been solved by simply pointing at dear, sweet, CoCo.  Second, we put up our Christmas decorations today.  He didn’t even want to watch a cartoon like he normally does after breakfast.  He wanted to get this place all festive! So we did (pics of that to come later, as well!).  And third, look what FINALLY showed up!  Dylan’s bunk bed!!!!!!! Two months later, the kid finally has a bed that his feet don’t hang off of.  Eric got to work right away setting it up.

DSC 1517

Dylan was absolutely ecstatic.  From the moment the semi pulled up that brought it here, he has just been jumping around with excitement.

DSC 1520

Avery was intrigued as well.

DSC 1525DSC 1526DSC 1534DSC 1535

See – plenty of room for those ginormous feet!

DSC 1536

Bottom bunk has been claimed by Avery.

DSC 1543DSC 1545DSC 1550DSC 1556

They are pretending to sleep here.

DSC 1559

Finally, it was time for bed.  He was SO excited to go to bed.  He was so excited, in fact, that he did NOT want to go to Harding for cheeseburgers tonight – his favorite.  He just wanted to stay home and hang out in his room.  We reminded him that CoCo was watching, so he reluctantly came with us.  Had he not come though – he wouldnt have found his 4th reason for it being the BEST DAY EVER!  He found a Canadian quarter while we were at Harding!  I have no idea why this brought him such joy, but boy was he excited.  This was when he declared it the BEST DAY EVER!  Ummm, okay!

DSC 1562

According to Dylan, we are ALL sleeping in his room tonight.  As I type this, Avery is asleep on the bottom bunk.  Dylan keeps coming out to see when I’m coming in to sleep on the top bunk with him.  And for some reason, Eric is NOT where he is supposed to be – next to Avery.  I hope CoCo doesn’t tell Santa about how I’m not REALLY going to be joining Dylan on the top bunk tonight…

DSC 1565

Well, sweet dreams!  Hope you all had the best day ever too!  Tho, I’m not really sure how you can beat all that…


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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3 Responses to The Best Day EVER!

  1. LULU says:

    Hooray the bed finally came!! Looks awesome, glad the kids were so ecstatic!!!

  2. Kim Wikoff says:

    I,m so glad you all had the best day ever!!Something new does bring great excitement!!! The kids will sure like going to bed now ,At least for a week!! lol very cute pics!!

  3. Toni Hodgson says:

    Wow!! BEST DAY EVER!!! And thank God the bed fit!!! He is such an enthusiastic little boy!! the cute little green outfit Avoes has on reminds me of one you used to have!! XXX

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