First snow!

We finally have our first measureable snow here!  Had to wait all the way until November 19th?!  Thats nearly unheard of in northern MN!  Its still coming down as I type this.  The kids and I are all nestled in with blankets and Christmas movies (care for a little Thomas the Train Christmas, anyone?  No?  I didn’t think so.  I’m with you!).  They were so excited when the snow finally started to fall.  Dylan said, “Mom, we can REALLY listen to Christmas music now!”  I have a rule about listening to it – it has to snow first or it’s not legal to listen.  We’ve been listening ever since we spotted the first flurries a couple weeks ago.  But he’s right, I no longer have to fear being arrested for breaking my own law.  Technically, I didn’t break the rule, I just bended the rule.  Whatever.  Anyway, they put on their winter gear for the first time this year and headed out.  I reluctantly followed with my camera (Trishy no likey being Trishcicle).

DSC 1380

Avery seems like she likes it all a bit more this year.  The last 2 winters she hated it.  She seems to have warmed up to the cold.  Its still early though.

DSC 1381DSC 1384

You can’t even see the lawn now as I’m typing this.  Goodbye grass!  See ya in the spring!

DSC 1385

Mux has reluctantly retired from the outdoors for the season.  I opened the door to see if she’d stick a paw out, but nope – she turned and ran in the other direction.

DSC 1388

Fake smiling.  I don’t know why! He should have a genuine smile of excitement on!

DSC 1395DSC 1404

Note to self – BUY AVERY A SHOVEL.  Boy, was she mad when there wasn’t one for her.

DSC 1409

Especially because he kept doing this and she wanted to do it TOO!

DSC 1411

Eventually she just walked along side of him, her tolerance for the outdoors starting to wear thin.

DSC 1412

BRRR!  As I stood under the deck trying to protect my delicate hands and delicate camera from the elements, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and remember it being 80 degrees and sunny.  Laying in my lawn chair, frosty beverage in hand.  Sigh.  It may be a bit early to fantasize about summer.

DSC 1416

It’s really comin’ down!

DSC 1417

Hey!  What’s Gpa Danny pumpkin still doing here?!

DSC 1422

Don’t be fooled – she was about to throw in the towel on this outdoor adventure.  One final picture to humor me and she was OUT.  Or um, IN.

DSC 1427DSC 1429

This is what she does when I ask her to smile.  Ummm????

DSC 1430

First of many brother sister snowy hugs for the winter season!

DSC 1434

Well, that’s all I have for today.  I had hoped to have a NEW BED post for you, but still no sign of it.  Maybe next week.  Eric is in Alexandria picking up a dock, so maybe I’ll do a post on that.  Be excited.


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2 Responses to First snow!

  1. Kim Wikoff says:

    The kids are enjoying the weather and working to!lol We are sunny and windy today and its biting cold! Big hugs to all!! Good pics the kids,cute as always!

  2. Looks like lots of fun guys!! My christmas music has been playing since Nov 1. The playlist is officially back on the iPod!! Our snow we got on friday is gone though! In Bemidji they had lots of snow on the ground 😦

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