Waiting and wishing (and adjusting)

Geez!  Where did this week go?  It went pretty fast for being the dreaded “time change” week.  We still haven’t completely adjusted, but almost.  I thought I was gonna have a super awesome post for you on Dylan’s new bed, but no dice.  We’re on week 7 of waiting when they said 4-6 weeks.  LAME!  Yes, I’m talking about you Log Furniture Store – you lame!  Anyyyywwaaaaay…..here’s some pictures of things we did this week while adjusting and waiting…

Eric took this.  First, there was no card in the camera.  Then, he noticed the flash wasn’t on.  Oh well.  She likes to wear her glasses (my onion goggles) when cooking.

DSC 1198

Flash is on!  Much better!

DSC 1204

Here is another Pinterest find.  I must say that Gma Kim’s Taco Hot Dish kicks this thing’s butt.  I think if Gma Kim wanted her hot dish to look real fancy, she could do this cuz its pretty much the same thing.

DSC 1205

We got another USA Hockey magazine in the mail this week.  Dylan immediately flips to the page where kids have sent in drawings of hockey players.  He wants to know their ages and names and examines what they have drawn. This time he was surprised to find that there were NO drawings from other 5 year olds!  What, what?!  So he went to work on a drawing to submit.  We’ll let you know when he needs your votes because apparently you have to be voted into the magazine.  I give you – STICK MAN.

DSC 1211

They also worked on doing some painting projects.  I had a lovely Pinterest (shocking, I know!) project all lined up but the paint I had wasn’t right for what I wanted to do.  So they painted with watercolor instead.

DSC 1213DSC 1221DSC 1222

Their paint shirts are courtesy of the tshirt graveyard that Eric holds in the guest bedroom dresser.  He came down to find Avery in the rattiest shirt of them all and…..

DSC 1226

FLIPPED OUT and made her put on this one.  Ummmm???  I’m not quite sure what he has planned for the pit stained, hole-y wonder shirt.  I’m thinking I should do this to it!  Thanks Pinterest!  A tote of his very own!  Muahahahahaha!

DSC 1244

And finally, dinner time.  Always a joy.

DSC 1246DSC 1247DSC 1250

Have a good night!

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One Response to Waiting and wishing (and adjusting)

  1. Kim Wikoff says:

    Your taco hot dish looked great!!Did u remember the cinnamon??? lol The kids looked like they had fun painting and Averys hair is sure getting long!!They are so darn cute!

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