Foot Fight Photo Shoot

Ahhhhh, Friday.  The day we have nothing to do, nowhere to be and we don’t have to get dressed if we don’t want to!  Dylan abides by that rule frequently.  Avery likes to get dressed.  She is a lady, after all.  “I want to get dressed like Mama!”  Though, the other day I may or may not have heard her call my yoga pants pajamas!  WHAT?!  Say it isn’t so, Avos!  I guess comfort can be mistaken for pajamas.  At least my comfort looks good, right?  Anywho, the kids have been kickin’ around this box for the past couple of days.  They’ve been doing a lot of sitting in it and I thought to myself, “perfect opportunity to do a pre-holiday photoshoot – they are trapped!”  Well, somewhat trapped.

DSC 1257

They were having a foot fight here.  Not the best for a photo shoot, but oh well.  I’ve been messing with the settings on the camera lately to try and figure out how to best capture them with the time change taking away all my natural light at such an early time.  And also, playing around with the super bright light from outside during the day – soon to get even brighter from snow.

DSC 1258DSC 1262

Half fun, half not fun.  Avery doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

DSC 1263

I decided to stick a foot in.  Lighten things up.  Try and save Dylan from getting his toe bitten off by his fiesty little sister.

DSC 1267

It worked.  For about a second.

DSC 1270

And then she was gone.  Had enough!

DSC 1272

I’ve also been working on trying to get Dylan to show off his natural smile more.  If you ask him to smile, you get the typical underbite weird smile.  This is much better!  I find if I show him what his smile should look like and have him copy me, then he tries to do it – looks silly, so I laugh, and then he laughs and CLICK CLICK CLICK!  Got it!

DSC 1273

Sometimes it works, sometimes – not so much.

DSC 1275DSC 1276

Now who’s the cheeseball, Avos?!

DSC 1277

Purrrrrrdy. LOL

DSC 1278

See – not sure if shes gonna laugh or cry!

DSC 1281

Getting madder…..

DSC 1286


DSC 1287

The light here is pretty good I must say.  Definitely ready for their annual Christmas hat photo shoot pretty soon.

DSC 1290

And maybe if Santa is listening, he’ll get me a fancy new lens for my camera!

DSC 1291

Best we could do for today.  Hoping to have a fancy background to go with their hats this year!  We’ll see! : )

DSC 1294

Have a fabulous weekend!



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