Takin’ care of bidness

Happy weekend to ya!  I’m glad to have Eric back finally.  He was gone all week starting his new job, so we were all pleased when he returned.  While he was gone, Avery FINALLY learned to ride her trike.  That ought to teach him not to leave!  AND she’s gone several days with no potty accidents.  Big week this week, I tell ya.

DSC 1171

With him finally back, it was time to get down to bidness.  With it being somewhat warm, we prepared for cold.  My delicate fingers cannot handle putting lights up when its cold.

DSC 1174

Sorry guys, time to go!

DSC 1175

Grandpa Danny pumpkin isn’t lookin’ so good.

DSC 1176

Yeah, funny stuff, right D?

DSC 1177

Another important matter of business – blowing the water out of the hot tub pipes. Had to be done.

DSC 1179

Mux kept an eye out for a dog wearing a bright orange vest.  Safety first, right Lacy?

DSC 1180

And Eric got to work on the ice rink.  He has delicate fingers too.

DSC 1181

I like the fall leaves with the Christmas lights.  Nice juxtaposition.

DSC 1183

And here I did some trickery that involved doubling up the lights to hide the burnt out bulbs.  I even added 3 new strands this year!  Lame!

DSC 1184

Avery was happy to assist in the ice rink assembly.

DSC 1189


DSC 1190

And I got to tug at each strand of the 3 new sets of lights to make the icicles, well, more icicle like.  They come all bunched up.

DSC 1194

We have the lights on for tonight – a sneak peek, if you will.  Then they will go dark for 3 more weeks while we pay our respects to the turkey.  And with that – a cartoon funny for you.

304175 232807306783723 150665568331231 684824 496708341 n

You tell em, Turkey!



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6 Responses to Takin’ care of bidness

  1. Camille says:

    Nice job on all the projects. Gotta say I love a girl in mary janes operating power tools. Go Avery!

  2. Kim Wikoff says:

    oh U beat me to it!! I was planning on getting my deck lights up today as well but opted for the craft sale in Fosston lol Maybe tomorrow if it isn’t to windy.Good job getting all the projects done!! Avery looked pretty cute drilling the hole!! lol

  3. Toni Hodgson says:

    Wow! what a productive day at the Wikoffs!! I too thought she was wearing some pretty fancy shoes for the occasion!! Ha! and what a big girl, riding her bike, going potty AND using power tools!! XXXX

  4. Susan Damato says:

    i see mux was doing her best impression of Long Cat.

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