Before your regularly scheduled Halloween post, please enjoy some photos from the days leading up to Halloween.  We are preparing for hibernation (as it is coming soon) and coming up with fun indoor activities.  Or um, Pinterest is coming up with fun activities.  I shall call them my own tho.  These kids think I RULE!  And naturally, I DO.  When Dylan saw the makings of this, he said as much.  “Mom, this is AWESOME!  Its like you made us a PRESENT!”  This is just a shower curtain liner!  I drew the roads on first using a water bottle with 2 sharpies taped to it so they would be evenly spaced.  Dylan took over creative control from there.

DSC 1069DSC 1070DSC 1074

He enlisted my help quite a bit though.

DSC 1085DSC 1087

The finished product.  He worked on this pretty much all day long.  I can see us doing this again this winter.

DSC 1091DSC 1092DSC 1093

Pinterest strikes again!  I read on there that you can mix together a box of cake mix with a can of pumpkin and voila – super moist cupcakes without the oil and eggs!  It totally worked!  And they were awesome!

DSC 1100

Finally, I give you – Halloween night.  Eric is gone starting his new jobby job in Minneapolis (goodbye Willis, hello Guy Carpenter) so Grandma became his stand in.  I couldn’t have done it without her!

DSC 1102

Take note of Dylan’s “scared” face.  We had JUST started out and he was already spooked.

DSC 1103

We are thinking Avery should have gone as a Zombie instead of an ice cream cone.  She didn’t nap (I TRIED to lay her down, so this is her own fault!) so she had already checked out before we even started out.  She walked around with her mouth open, eyes glazed, not speaking and falling down a lot.  Classic “I’msotiredIcouldfallasleepstandingup” signs.

DSC 1104

Luckily, she and Grandma had agreed upon a plan before we set out.  They were going to hold hands while trick or treating.

DSC 1105

Here I thought Dylan was doing a fun Halloween dance.  Turns out it was an “I gotta go!” dance.  He used some lovely bushes.

DSC 1106

Two zombies?  Next year there will be a MANDATORY nap rule.  NO nap, NO tricks or treats.

DSC 1110DSC 1115DSC 1119DSC 1121

Some lady thought he was a turkey!  I guess I can kinda see that.  From the back, anyway.

DSC 1123DSC 1124

I ended up having to carry her after this.

DSC 1128

And here is the last house of the night.  Dylan was glad it wasn’t a scary one.  Last year we ended on a house with a “scary witch” that he made absolutely SURE that we did NOT go to last night.

DSC 1146

I knew they were tired when they both said “Okay!” when I asked if we should head home now.  And with that, Halloween night was over.  Dylan is already plotting out next year’s costume.  He wanted to hit up Target today to check out the costumes on clearance, but I think I’ve convinced him that we shouldn’t rush into a costume just yet.  He has made one thing clear though – he wants to be something scary, not food.  Says the boy who made a “scared face” at every passing ghost, ghoblin and ghoul on the street.  Perhaps next year he’ll be a little more brave.

Well, thats it from us!


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3 Responses to Halloween!

  1. It was a fun time, goin’ trick or treating with the cheeseburger and cute little zombie ice cream cone!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! XXXXX

  2. Kim Wikoff says:

    aww they sure were dressed up super cute!! !Glad the weather was pretty decent for their outing Was nice grandma Toni was there to help you with the tired children Hi to all! xo

  3. Susan Damato says:

    i am intrigued by the cupcake pumpkin idea. cute costumes!

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