My pumpkins, their pumpkins and Pontunia. And the hideous dock.

Eric is threatening emptying the hot tub.  I know it must come to an end, but I shall miss it.  My hair won’t miss it though.  And my skin.  But I know two kids who will miss it.  (Dylan wasn’t in the mood to cooperate for a picture, in case you were wondering why I didn’t select a picture with him in it)

DSC 0933DSC 0956

They were all in the hot tub and I was out (my hair had had enough chlorine for one day, thank you very much) waiting for the sun to set so I could get some good pumpkin pics.

DSC 0958

And here they are!  The “Grandpa Danny” pumpkin…

DSC 0961

And the “Dragon” pumpkin.

DSC 0962

And my pumpkins with the pumpkins!

DSC 0966DSC 0969DSC 0977

He had to grab an impromptu mustache for the occasion!

DSC 0982DSC 0985DSC 0986

Yesterday was the final pontoon ride of the year.  And there were very few pictures taken b/c I didn’t want my hands to freeze and fall off!  I guess there was a reason why we are one of the last pontoons to leave the lake?  Its cold?! What?!

DSC 0989

Parking the boat at “Laudy’s” (what Avery calls Larry) so we can pull the dock.  Sigh.

DSC 0991

Preparing for dock departure.  I like the clouds reflecting on the lake here.

DSC 0996

And would you look at Miss Pretty’s outfit yesterday?!  I die, I die.

DSC 0999

Everywhere she went yesterday, people stopped to compliment her.

DSC 1005

I don’t know how this happened, but they both just happened to sit still in the wagon ON THEIR OWN ACCORD so I could take some pictures of them.  This rarely happens….enjoy…

DSC 1010DSC 1015DSC 1016DSC 1017DSC 1021

So silly…

DSC 1025DSC 1026DSC 1029

Always making her laugh!

DSC 1031DSC 1034DSC 1037

And lovin’ on her!

DSC 1040

Love this!

DSC 1041DSC 1043

This picture is for Grandpa Danny.  Eric thought you’d like to see how far Larry’s motor spits.

DSC 1045

Stop taking pictures of me!  I’m too beautiful!

DSC 1048DSC 1049DSC 1051

And finally, dock removal.  Last year, we left this hunk of junk in the water (feared it wouldn’t survive the pull).  The year before, we pulled it out and it made a mess of the yard and nearly fell apart.  This year, it had to go.  So Laudy and Eric jacked it waaaaaay up.

DSC 1053

Hooked it to “Trail.”

DSC 1055

And let it rip.  Which we thought might be literal.

DSC 1057DSC 1059

Amazing!  It came out in one piece!  Look at the bent poles tho!  What a quality dock!

DSC 1060

Purdy lawn ornament!

DSC 1061

Wait a minute – where’s he goin’ with that?!

DSC 1064

Yep, up to the road.  It will get a giant “FREE” sign slapped on it later today.  And someone better bite because I don’t want to look at it in my driveway any longer than I have to!  Anyone???  Anyone????  Its niiiiiiiiice.

DSC 1066


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3 Responses to My pumpkins, their pumpkins and Pontunia. And the hideous dock.

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Very cute pix of your pumpkins and their pumpkins—-and I love all the wagon pix—really got some good ones and funny ones!! XXX

  2. adorable adorable pics!!! Loved the grandpa danny pumpkin…looks just like him!! Also LOVE LOVE LOVE Avos outfit!!

  3. Kim Wikoff says:

    What fantastic pictures!!! Avery and Dylan pictures were so adorable I will have to get a couple of these!!The pumpkin pics are cute and those two pumpkin kids were especially cute!! I’m jelly u got a pontoon tide and just pulled your dock !!Mines been out for a month! lol picture of clouds in the lake look like chunks of ICE!!!

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