Pumpkin time!

Before we get to the main event of this post (PUMPKINS!!!), please take notice of my french braiding progress.  Getting better!  If she would only SIT STILL, I could maybe get a tighter braid.  As it is now, it falls out pretty quickly when she’s rolling around on the floor, couch, etc.

DSC 0701

She just likes when I’m all done.

DSC 0703

And please take a moment and honor thy Pinterest.  Thank you Pinterest for giving me good ideas. : )

DSC 0706

He had an awesome time with this.  He put in houses, farms and even a cemetery along the road.

DSC 0710

After the road lost its lustre (aka, we ran out of tape), he demanded a fall treasure hunt.

DSC 0726

It was a hit, as usual.

DSC 0729

The pumpkin pails get TWO uses this year!

DSC 0731

We came upon Lacey playing with a snake – one of her favorite things to do.

DSC 0733

Love this one – she’s flinging it in the air.  Don’t be fooled, this snake LOVES it! ; )

DSC 0743

Not pictured: the treasure.  I made a cheesecake, but it’s not real pretty, so no picture.  It tastes good tho!  After last weekend’s pumpkin patch fail, we finally made our way to a new pumpkin fetching location.  No patch here, but lots of other activities.  This is at St Mathias Farm outside of Brainerd.  Fun fact: this farm supplies the Brainerd school district with fresh veggies and fruits for the school lunch program! : )

DSC 0746

Checkin’ out some llamas.

DSC 0747

Munchin’ on some tasty hay!

DSC 0748

Avery wanted him to taste her fingers.  Luckily we were there to set her straight. : )

DSC 0750

She also wanted this chicken to taste her nice, fleshy fingers.

DSC 0758

They love these things!

DSC 0760

Clearly, so do we!

DSC 0765

Good times!

DSC 0766DSC 0768

Next up was the corn maze.  I THINK we were supposed to PAY to walk thru it, but they weren’t really monitoring it, so too bad for them!

DSC 0777

The best part of the maze was this big slide.

DSC 0779

They went down it again.  And again.

DSC 0780

And again.

DSC 0782

And again.

DSC 0785

And you guessed it – again!

DSC 0791DSC 0793

Here are some of the pumpkins that were available.

DSC 0796

We also went on a tractor ride.  An annoying wasp was bothering us and I swallowed my gum trying to run away from it right after this picture was taken.  Stupid bee!  You were supposed to be dead already!  (Eric came to my rescue and killed it  – my HERO!)

DSC 0799

The hero with his princess.

DSC 0806

Time to pick out a pumpkin!

DSC 0830DSC 0834

Avery wanted one that she could carry, too.

DSC 0836

Clearly, she lost her barrette somewhere on the farm.

DSC 0837

Then today, Dylan demanded we get to work on carving the pumpkins right away after breakfast.

DSC 0854

He really enjoys the whole process.  Glad at least one of us does! ; )

DSC 0856

Avery had a good time making a mess.

DSC 0858

Here he’s making us laugh with his fine dance moves.

DSC 0862DSC 0863

Such a long process this is.

DSC 0865

Here is what Dylan picked – a dragon.

DSC 0867

He thought he was pretty funny climbing on my back for a picture.

DSC 0869

Avery couldn’t be left out of such shenanigans!

DSC 0871

An added element of challenge to an already difficult task.  No big deal.

DSC 0873

Love this one with their faces peeking.  And Dylan’s big old foot wrapped around me.

DSC 0875

Pretty girl!

DSC 0886

Eric was not messin’ around when it came to his pumpkin.

DSC 0891

And here they are – the dragon, the small funny face and the Grandpa Danny pumpkins.

DSC 0900

I’ll probably take more pics later once its dark out, so look for more pics soon!    Its a rainy day here so that means – time for a soak in the hot tub!  We’re emptying it soon, so we gotta soak it up! ; )  Later!


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2 Responses to Pumpkin time!

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    What fun memories you are building at my fav, time of the year!! Grrreeeaat pix!! What a clever idea to do roads etc. with tape–and how fun! Loved the pix of all of you in the “cutout people”!! and also the ones of the kids on the slide (good for a Xmas collage?) Also good won of the “Queen”!! XXXX

  2. Lulu says:

    Looks like a fun time!!! Glad that you finally got this post up there…thought for sure Dad would have to wait all day 🙂

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