Pumpkin fail

We set out to find the great pumpkin yesterday afternoon.  Like Charlie Brown, we never found it.  Turns out that the place we went to last year isn’t doing it again this year?  Or maybe just not on Sundays?  We’ll never know cuz we’re going elsewhere next weekend to find pumpkins.  Word on the street is they have a corn maze and hayrides too!  Take that Farm o Plenty!  We decided to hit up the Little Falls Zoo since we were sorta in the neighborhood.  Turns out it was the last day they are open this year.

DSC 0674

Avery was very friendly with all the animals.  “HI TURKEYS!!!!!”

DSC 0675

“HI ELK!!!!!!”

DSC 0677

Here they are trying to join the elk.

DSC 0680

We paid 15 bucks to see a bunch of sleeping animals and a caterpillar.

DSC 0684

Avery gave him the business and stepped on him right after this picture.

DSC 0686

It was all too much.  She had to take a nap.

DSC 0688

On her dad’s shoe?  I don’t know.

DSC 0689

Suddenly, there was word of peacocks.  HURRY!

DSC 0690

These aren’t peacocks!  Dang turkeys!

DSC 0691

Back at the elk.  Eric wanted me to get a picture of the rack.  Here ya go Eric – “look at the size of that rack!”

DSC 0693

These “crazy cats” as the kids were calling them were pretty sleepy.  That is, until Avery decided to crawl around on the ground to annoy me (it worked).  He jumped up from his spot (he was watching her with one eye) and came over to hiss at her.  Pretty much awesome.

DSC 0694

Its okay pretty kitty, we were just leaving!

DSC 0695

Well, this is a fly by post!  Off to school!


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