Fitness Friday: Yoga with Dylan

Before we get to your regularly (or not so regularly) scheduled Fitness Friday post – please enjoy these other random photos.  Dylan had his first skate at the Brainerd ice rink this past week.  I’m not sure on the specifics.  All I know is he got to skate and he’ll get to skate again next Wednesday too.  They wore matching sweatshirts and hats to commemorate the occasion.

DSC 0588

Who can guess how long this hairstyle lasted?  ; )

DSC 0591

She mugs for the camera quite well.  When she wants to, that is.

DSC 0604

I wanted Dylan to take a picture of my new Lucy tank top (cheated on Lululemon! Gasp!) for my fitness peeps and it turned into a fitness photo shoot.  Hence, your Fitness Friday blog post.

DSC 0598

Avery was mad that Dylan got to handle the camera, so she DEMANDED (and if you know Avos, you know that its true – she DEMANDED it) that she have a turn behind the lens.

DSC 0611

She looked so stinkin’ cute that I picked up my phone and took her picture taking our picture.  You’d think I would have learned something from the last time I let a child handle the camera.

2011 10 14 10 34 20 672

She was so cute though!

2011 10 14 10 34 24 768

Anyway, back to fitness.  Dylan wanted his turn again (thats why Avery is mad) and wanted me to do some yoga for the camera.

DSC 0629

Avery is getting into the spirit of things and assuming her normal pushup position – underneath the person doing pushups.

DSC 0632

I’m not sure where she went….

DSC 0633

Then my little yogi emerged.  The kids don’t see me work out very often since I do it at 5am before they are awake.  So when they DO see me workout, they are always compelled to join in.  Which is the point of this Fitness Friday post – leading by example.  If I start practicing Zumba, they join in.  If I do pushups, so do they.  Try it with your kids!  It seriously works!  Eric enjoys going for runs with Dylan riding his bike next to him.  And someday, they will most likely run together too.  Fitness is important and we feel good about teaching them that when they are young.  If only they didn’t get in the way so much….then maybe I wouldn’t have to do it at 5am!  Oh well, its my “me” time and I won’t trade it for anything.  Extra pushups at 3pm never hurt anyone, right?

DSC 0636

High plank.

DSC 0638

Child’s Pose.  He does a mean Child’s Pose, don’t you think?

DSC 0640

Down Dog Dylan!

DSC 0641

Side Plank!

DSC 0642

One legged dog!

DSC 0644

Pigeon!  Look at that flexibility!

DSC 0645

And here he is attempting a headstand.  Don’t try this one at home, Moms.  I did and OUCH does that hurt when you fall!  He just rolled right out of it.  Me, not so much.

DSC 0647

I don’t even know what this one is called.  I call it an Elephant Stand, but I know that’s not right.

DSC 0649

Warrior III.  Or an attempt at it, anyway.  We must work on balance.

DSC 0652

He was hungry for more, but I was running out of info in my yoga memory banks.  Tomorrow is hot yoga day though, so I’ll be sure to take notes for him!



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6 Responses to Fitness Friday: Yoga with Dylan

  1. Love the yoga poses!! He did fabulous!!

  2. Cute yoga pics! Oh, I love everything Lucy (haven’t even delved into Lululemon).

  3. Susan Damato says:

    love the up-do! i’m guessing…10 seconds!

    how about a nice Cobra for dylan. bet he’d like that one for the name! he’ll be doing full sun salutations in no time.

  4. Paula says:

    Hi Trish! I stumbled across your blog & I’m psyched to tell you that MN will have its first dedicated barre studio in Wayzata, opening October 31st (spooky!). My sister-in-law and I both recently moved here from New York and lamented the absence of a barre studio (just like you!) so decided to open one and share the joys of seriously efficient and safe body-sculpting with our new home. And, we’re offering childcare during many classes so you can bring your adorable children to the barre! Check out our webpage: and Facebook page: Can’t wait to see you in class!!

    P.S. Your photos from the Warrior Dash are awesome!

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