Dylan’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Dylan’s 5th birthday this weekend!  Its hard to believe its been five years already since he was born.  Gma and Gpa Puppy, Renae, Natalie and Daniel and our neighbors Lingy and the Winercheskies all came over for a D’s party.  Eric and I spent a good amount of time blowing up balloons with his air compressor.  The kids popped a fair amount of them almost immediately, nearly putting Gma into heart failure.

DSC 0394

We decked the house out in Halloween decor for his party this year.  We got quite a few decorations from both Grandma’s and Dylan was very insistent about it ALL going up.  Here are the spooky spiderwebs.

DSC 0396

Pumpkin snowman (thats what the birthday boys describes it as).

DSC 0397

My personal favorite – witchy witch!

DSC 0398

Check out our new photos!  Frames are on their way.  We’ll be creating a gallery wall with them and other photos from our family photo session a few weeks ago.  They all turned out so cute.  The plastic is still on these, so thats why there is a glare.

DSC 0399

This area is dedicated to Gpa Danny.  These are the decorations Eric used to decorate Gpa’s hospital room at Mayo.  The nurses were frightened of the blood.

DSC 0400

Speaking of Gpa Danny – HERE’S THE CAKE.  He’s only been asking every 5 minutes the last three days for a picture of it.  Dylan went with a pizza theme this year for his party.  Pizza for lunch and pizza cake for dessert.  He was a bit leery of it though when I was making it.  “Is that sauce?”  “Is that cheese?”  “Are those really pepperonis?”  Then when Gma Toni asked him if he thought it would taste like cake or if it would taste like pizza, he gave her a worried look and said, “I don’t know!”  Avery set him straight though and responded, “thats CAKE!!!”  She knows cake.

DSC 0405

The pumpkin snowman again.  He photographs well.

DSC 0407

Present time!!!

DSC 0409

Who is more excited – Eric or Dylan?

DSC 0411

Ooooh, fancy Wild sweatshirt!

DSC 0413

Here’s the Cars Scooter he’s been wanting for awhile now.  He was pretty pumped to see this!

DSC 0419

“Auntie Nae!” is always a hit with Avos.

DSC 0421

It wouldn’t be Dylan’s birthday without a cruise on Pontunia!  Natalie was first up for driving.

DSC 0424

Avery dug out her warm weather hat from the boat tote – a nod to summer.  We miss you summer.

DSC 0429

Finally, it was time to eat the cake.  We would soon know if it tasted like cake or if it tasted like pizza.

DSC 0435DSC 0442DSC 0444

We’re singing to him here.  Avery seems mad that we’re not singing to her.

DSC 0446

She even tried to blow out the candles once it was all said and done.  (For those wanting to know if Dylan did his spitting thing while blowing out the candles, the answer is YES.  However, his father was taking the pics and missed the shot.)

DSC 0452

10?  I don’t think so D!

DSC 0456

Everyone showing their age.  This HAD to go on the blog.  Gpa is 65.  Clearly, thats what this means.

DSC 0460

Oh what do you know, Auntie Nae!  I can be whatever number I want!

DSC 0465

Moment of truth…verdict – it tastes like cake!  Phew!  I was worried.  Wedding ring is at the cleaners, in case you were wondering. ; )

DSC 0467

Today is his actual birthday, so he ran the show today.  A birthday soak in the hot tub with his cousins was on the agenda.

DSC 0488

Again, you are 5!  Not 10!

DSC 0508

Up to no good?  Probably!

DSC 0512

5 years old!  Hard to believe it!

DSC 0515

Happy 5th Birthday, Dylan!  We love you!



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10 Responses to Dylan’s 5th Birthday

  1. Lulu says:

    Happy Birthday #5 D!!! Sorry we couldn’t get there, but we didn’t get an invite this year, so we didn’t know…

    • There was a glue shortage that stopped production on the invites. They were in the works, but without glue, you cannot not make a pizza party invite. Plus, we thought you were psychic and could just sense such things. Did you get a new email?

  2. Dan says:

    Glad to see you had a grand birthday D. Would of been super if we could of been there to share your cake but hopefully tour mom will put a piece in the mail for gram and me.

  3. Kim Wikoff says:

    We sure hated to miss your big day Dylan.It looks like you had a great 2 days!Have fun with all those new gifts!!Glad to see u have all your Halloween decore up…. I’ll have some Christmas decore for you soon! lol Tricia!! love you and xxoo to all

  4. Susan Damato says:

    i can’t believe he’s 5 already either! so what was the cheese and pepperoni made out of? it did look pretty real, i can see why D was concerned!

  5. Lulu says:

    Yes, awesome job on the realistic pizza cake!!No, no e-vite….I got a text about the HJ one!

  6. Toni Hodgson says:

    WAS a fun party—and you got lots of great pix!! Lucky boy to have 3 birthday celebrations—oh, and how was his school par-tay?? XXXX

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