Unofficial End of Summer at Maple Lake

We were up at Eric’s parents house this past weekend for a visit.  Grandpa Danny was in serious need of visitors, so we humored him and made the drive up. ; )  The kids were excited to see a couple of cousins – Addi and Easton.  Avery and Addi discovered that they had the same taste in clothes and babies (they had to share Auntie Kelli’s old and moldy baby that Addi is holding here and at times, it got ugly…kinda like the baby!).

DSC 0213

Easton and Dylan had a ton of fun together too.

DSC 0224

As usual, they drove the truck and Jeep around until the batteries (and spare batterieS) wore down.  Dylan was the only safe driver of the bunch this weekend, so he did most of the driving.

DSC 0236

The girlies enjoyed playing with the ugly baby more than doing rough and tumble boy things.

DSC 0239

We celebrated Dylan’s birthday a week early for the folk that are unable to attend his birthday party this coming weekend.  And at Happy Joes – duh!

DSC 0250

Birthday sundae!

DSC 0251

Yes Auntie Susan, they turned on the siren for him too. ; )

DSC 0261

The fall colors are just starting at Maple Lake it seems.  They are nearly done here I think as we arrived home to a good amount of leaves on the ground.  This is a tree in front of Gma and Gpa Wikoff’s house.

DSC 0273

OH!  Its Farmer Plato driving his tractor!

DSC 0274

It was 80 degrees and sunny on Sunday afternoon.  Not too shabby for October 2nd!  So it was a good time to take out the dock, boat lift and pontoon.  And to play on the beach.

DSC 0277

And drink Gpa Danny’s tea.

DSC 0279

And play with the Hobe-ster who was abandoned by his mother for the weekend.

DSC 0284

I came upon Dylan giving Easton a neck massage.  I taught him that! : )  The neck massage part – not the “give Easton a neck massage” part.  Normally this is treatment reserved for moi.

DSC 0288

Avery enjoyed doing her own thing on the beach.

DSC 0299

These two pictures were her idea.  She wanted a picture of her on both slides.

DSC 0300DSC 0301

Oh there’s that Farmer Plato again!  Looks like he’s got a few helpers!  Avery, Auntie Kacie, Baby Gordie, Easton and Dbert.

DSC 0305DSC 0314

We went on a final Maple Lake pontoon ride.  Sigh.

DSC 0324

Easton nearly lost his head!

DSC 0332

Avery fell asleep a few minutes later.

DSC 0338

Apparently the last Maple Lake pontoon ride was boring to her?  That or she had too much fun with her cousins this weekend.

DSC 0340

Whats all that junk junkin up my picture? ; )

DSC 0344

And here we are, back at home.  See – leaves on the ground.  Sigh.

DSC 0347

I told her to turn around and face me for a picture and this is what she did.  That works, I guess.

DSC 0350


DSC 0351

I bribed them with cookies to get the following pictures and they didn’t even turn out as good as I had hoped!  Dang it!

DSC 0354

Would it kill you to smile normal, Dylan?!?

DSC 0357

It all worked out in the end.  Awwww.

DSC 0358

That is all. : )


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6 Responses to Unofficial End of Summer at Maple Lake

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Really enjoyed the blog!! Great pix–think my fav. was the one of Avoes and Addie with their backs to the camera (in twin outfits!!) looking out the window! Looked like a wken of good memories!! XXX

  2. Susan Damato says:

    jelly of your weather! turned crap here officially oct 1st. boo! yay re the siren at happy joe’s! i examined those photos carefully–they have whole wheat crust now? they have a brown rice option now at chipotle i discovered yesterday–was pretty good! where is this baby gordy you speak of? in her BELLAH?!?!

  3. Dan says:

    Great pictures of a super weekend with awesome Grandkids. It’s a joy to watch them play together

  4. I resent you calling my baby old and moldy!! Sure she’s up there in years…but she’s still beautiful!!! Compared to lulu’s creepy baby mine is a model!! Looks like i missed out on lots of fun!!

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