Long time, no blog

Yes, it has been awhile.  We’ve been busy.  School, potty training, etc.  Happy to say that Avery is doing well with potty training.  She had a few accidents this past weekend, but we weren’t at home, so that was to be expected I think.  We went down to Minneapolis for family pictures with Poly Mendes.  But had a few other things on the agenda as well.  Eric did some Craigslist shopping for skates and managed to score the next 3 sizes for Dylan at a good price.  He’s pretty pleased.  I took NO pictures with my camera this weekend, so I asked him what pictures he took with his phone that he wanted to include – the next few are what he picked.

IMG 20110926 00170

Eric’s dad has been in the hospital in Rochester for complications with his leukemia.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  He is out of the hospital now and doing much, much better.  Eric went down on Friday to spend some time with him.  He brought some blood splatter window clings to lighten the mood.  I think it worked. ; )

IMG 20110923 00144

Grandma Kim thought they were real!  LOL

IMG 20110923 00134

There was plenty of cousin time while we were in the cities as well.  Avery was showing her daredevil skills for Grandpa Tom.  She may or may not have peed her pants a couple times while at the playground.

IMG 20110922 00091

Then on Saturday, we had pictures with Poly at the Chaska Arboretum.  The kids took a little while to warm up, but in the end, I think she got some really good shots.  She showed me a few right after she took them and they looked beautiful.  Can’t wait to see them!  I’ll link to her blog when she posts the pictures. After the pictures were done, we walked around to check out the scenery.  There were a ton of amateur photographers there taking pictures.  It was a gorgeous day for it, for sure.  I was wishing I had my camera with, but oh well!  Cell phone pics were better than no pics!

2011 09 24 14 25 18 927

Avery was annoyed that I was taking pictures of her.  After all, she had just wrapped a photo shoot!  Sheesh!

2011 09 24 14 30 43 431

She was screaming at me to put my phone away.  OKAY!

2011 09 24 14 31 06 3762011 09 24 14 31 11 7952011 09 24 14 32 36 460

Lots of gorgeous scenery there.  Trees were just starting to change, but a lot of flowers were still in full bloom.

2011 09 24 14 34 16 7032011 09 24 14 36 06 543

Our cell phone photos will definitely pale in comparison to Poly’s photos.

2011 09 24 14 36 20 1182011 09 24 14 36 47 627IMG 20110924 00164

Well, thats it for today.  I managed to catch a cold while in Minneapolis this weekend, so to the couch I must go!


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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2 Responses to Long time, no blog

  1. Susan Damato says:

    trishy i dare say you are the cutest of them all! i love your hair and outfit!! also love avery’s scream. out of the mouths of babes indeed–she’s saying that camera gets in between you and i, put it down and pay attention to the now!

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