Last time?

I’m a lazy poster.  I had all the pictures loaded a few days ago, but lacked the enthusiasm to write something.  Would anyone mind if I just posted pictures?  Kidding.  It was a gorgeous weekend here and of course, we lived it up.  Its cold here this morning – 36 degrees.  I welcome it I guess, but I know that soon enough, I will be wishing to go back to this:

DSC 9925

Eric has been saying things like, “last time in the lake” and “last time tubing!” Sigh.

DSC 9936DSC 9937DSC 9939

Even a few days later, the trees are even more yellow and orange than they were.  Sigh again.

DSC 9942DSC 9943

Got my craft on again and made her this headband.  Of course, she wore it for only a couple minutes and not again since.  Guess its mine!  And yes, our heads are the same size.  LOL

DSC 9947

We are having family photos taken next weekend.  I really hope that our photographer is able to get her to cooperate because I certainly can’t!

DSC 9951DSC 9954

I was busy snapping pictures of her when all of a sudden, a new subject appeared in the viewfinder.  Complete with his own headband.

DSC 9955

Again with the “last time on the tube, ” comments!

DSC 9966

See all the leaves turning in the background.  SIGH.

DSC 9968

I like how Avery’s making a “mad at Dylan” face as she looks at him on the tube.

DSC 9969

This little tree is always the first to turn on our lake.  Its red now.

DSC 9984

No, that tree didn’t lose all its leaves already.  Its dead.

DSC 9985

So it had to GO.

DSC 9986


DSC 9989

And its down!

DSC 9992

Last time on the tube?  You’d be wrong!

DSC 0013

Last time under the bridge?  Nope, wrong again!

DSC 0019

Last time swimming for me?  Yep, probably.

DSC 0024DSC 0028DSC 0035

Last meal on the boat?  Perhaps. (see the little red tree over there!)

DSC 0055

See – back on the tube!  Not the last time!

DSC 0065

Dylan got to go inside this bulldozer.  Eric took this picture without my knowledge and pretended that he didn’t know about Dylan getting to go in the bulldozer.  Sneaky, sneaky Eric!

DSC 0076

AND he got to drive this backhoe loader.

DSC 0080

They are sloooooowwwwwwwwly installing cable lines in our area.  They’ve only been working on it for FOREVER it seems.  They cut the lines yesterday so Eric wasn’t able to work.  DARN.

DSC 0083

With all the free childless time on my hands yesterday, I made bread.  I made these a couple weeks ago to have with spaghetti and nearly fell over when they actually turned out perfectly.  So I just HAD to make them again.  Had to see if it was a fluke. : )  It wasn’t.  They turned out perfect again.

DSC 0090

That is all for today.  I have an oatmeal disaster to clean up.  And by disaster, its called “every meal time with Avery at the wheel of the spoon.”  Will she ever learn to eat without spilling 50 percent of what she eats????



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One Response to Last time?

  1. Kim Wikoff says:

    oh such nice pics!!We had nice weather also but didnt get to see it much as we had dans dilema and a wedding to attend…glad someone was having fun in the sun!! Reed,Ella and Addi got to swim a little on Sunday and really enjoyed it.Loved Averys pic by the Tree and Dyls new headband…lol Miss you all!

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