Last Day of Summer and First day of School

Well it was the last day of summer VACATION yesterday.  Eric likes to clarify that summer is not TECHNICALLY over, so that was for him.  And the weather is right there with him because it has been so nice out the past couple of days.  Check out the proof:

DSC 9853DSC 9856

They are examining a spider.

DSC 9858

I was trying to make them pose, but it lasted for the split second it took to take this picture.

DSC 9862DSC 9865

Eric borrowed the tube from his parent’s house and Avery was very excited to tube again.

DSC 9867

I think Eric was too.  He was up to his usual tubing shenanigans.

DSC 9870

It took awhile, but eventually Dylan agreed to go.  Slow at first….

DSC 9872

And then it wasn’t long before he was getting ballsy as well.

DSC 9874DSC 9875

Now all three!  Boy am I glad the boat needs a driver because I do NOT tube.  Trishy no tubey!

DSC 9881DSC 9885DSC 9893

And here we are – the first day of school.  This is old news to Dylan since this is his second year at his preschool.  But Avery (who is not in school yet) was pretty excited.  She was yelling, “Avery go to school!” from her crib this morning when she woke up.  She got dressed quickly (usually getting her dressed is a knock down drag out fight between her and I), found her shoes and her backpack and she was READY.

DSC 9899DSC 9901DSC 9903

Asked for a nice, normal smile and this is what I got.  He looks like Grandpa Tom/Great Grandma Edna.

DSC 9905DSC 9908DSC 9909DSC 9912

And here we are at school.  He was writing his name to stick on the name board.  That kid across from him look scaaaared.

DSC 9913

Avery is gonna be soooooo sad on Monday when we just drop Dylan off (today we stayed cuz the parents stay on the first day).

DSC 9916

She had the best time!  She ran from each thing to the next and tried everything out.

DSC 9919

Oooooh scissors!  What are these?!

DSC 9920

Dylan was very cool about it all.  Kinda like, yeah, seen that before.  Yep, seen this.  He did admit to me in the car before we went in that he was scared to meet the new kids.  : )

DSC 9922

Well, thats it for today.  Its fabulous outside, so I’m sure there will more tubing shenanigans to report back with!  Later!

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5 Responses to Last Day of Summer and First day of School

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Looks like some good times at Sulivan Lake, my fav. pix was of them examining the spider, and also the fake smile pix!! Poor Avoes, she is ready for preschool!! fun to see you all enjoying the last days of summer!! XXXX

    • Yeah, shes gonna be bummed on Monday. Should be interesting trying to wrestle her out of there. Kathy (one of the teachers) said if she was gonna be 33 months before January, that she could start then, but I dont think she will be. I guess they will take them at 33 months. Poor Avos! In one year she can go. They were really nice tho and said she can come play whenever she wants – like if we get done with errands early and are just sitting there waiting.

  2. Dan says:

    Its hard to tell who was having the most fun on the tube, Eric or the kids.
    Need to find Avo’s a school or she will be tough this winter

  3. Licia Oligmueller says:

    Tricia…I’m just like you…I HATE to tube, so I just drive! Kellan and Jeremy are always goofing off on the tube and they remind me of Eric, Dylan, and Avery. I really want to say that Dylan looks so grown up now, I feel like his face has matured over the summer…if that makes sense. As always I love looking at your pics, your kids are just adorable…love the blonde hair.

    • Thanks Licia! Yeah, tubing…you will NEVER see me tubing. My SIL broke her leg tubing a few summers ago – femur – bone sticking out of her leg and everything. I’m NOT a fan. Wasnt before that! That sealed the deal!! Dylan’s teacher said the same thing! I always think Kellan looks older too. Couple of mature young lads!

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