Labor Day Weekend 2011

Well, this photo does not belong here but I had to post it anyway.  This bread turned out so pretty!

DSC 9599

Okay, back on track.  Labor Day Weekend!  We’re at Loon Lodge this weekend.  Eric gave her an early birthday present.

DSC 9603

Its a loon windsock thingy like ours.  No big deal.

DSC 9604

Then a boat trip!

DSC 9610

Woohoo!  Its so fun!

DSC 9611

Here are some flowers on the way to the Lodge.  I think we stop to take pictures of these flowers every year.

DSC 9624DSC 9626

Someone took a nasty spill on his bike.  I know what you are thinking – he had previously stated that we are “not to worry as he is a professional.”  Clearly, this is not true.  He was going down the big hill by the cabin and flipped over his handlebars.  No one actually saw him fall but from the looks of the bike and the length of the skid markers – it was a pretty big fall.  Yep, pretty much getting a helmet asap.  And also, he must retire from the hill for 5 more years.

DSC 9634

Nothing a little fishing can’t fix.

DSC 9632

Or bubbles.

DSC 9641DSC 9642

Or crafts.  Lots and lots of crafts.

DSC 9649DSC 9651DSC 9664

The fishing has been pretty slow this time.  Nothing compared to last time when he was catching a fish every few minutes.

DSC 9668

Smores time!

DSC 9679

Eric took these pictures of her.  They all turned out pretty cute!

DSC 9689DSC 9690DSC 9694DSC 9699DSC 9701

And these pictures of the kids as well.  He took pictures of the rest of us too, but no one else looked as cute as the kids do. ; )

DSC 9705DSC 9706DSC 9708

I took these – the light made for interesting pictures.

DSC 9718DSC 9719DSC 9720

Today, we made capes.  See, I told you – crafts, lots and lots of crafts.

DSC 9738DSC 9739

Avery cracks me up in these.

DSC 9742DSC 9745DSC 9746DSC 9752DSC 9754DSC 9759

They gave up on actual fishing and practiced casting (and getting the lines tangled beyond untangling) with magnetic fish.

DSC 9762

Heres Avery’s “after nap” look.  Ravishing!

DSC 9767

Giving someone the stink eye.  They probably deserved it.

DSC 9777

And finally, having a moment with her Dad.

DSC 9780DSC 9781

Glad I was there to catch this one!

DSC 9782

Well thats it for now.  I’m sure there will be more Labor Day weekend shenanigans tomorrow, so stay tuned…



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