Catching up on our bidness

I’m a little behind here….cuz these loon pics are from a few days ago.  Eric requested that I post pictures of his latest purchase.  Here ya go, Eric!

DSC 9512

Fancy, huh?

DSC 9513

Here I was trying to take a picture of my new scarf.  It does many a thing, including becoming a swimsuit coverup!  Decided to post this picture b/c of Dylan.  Always has to jump in the picture at the last second!

DSC 9514

Here they are being pulled backwards by Pontunia the 3rd.  Works about the same!

DSC 9524

Avos putting on her shoes on her OWN!  Everything is on her OWN lately.

DSC 9528

Every time we go under the bridge, they do this.  They are in position WAAAAAY ahead of time and perhaps thats what makes it so cute.

DSC 9538DSC 9542

Don’t worry – Eric lifted her up on our way back thru so she could actually touch it.

DSC 9543

And here is one of our lovely evening boat rides.  Very few of these warm days left, I’m sure.  I know we’ll have warm days in the fall here and there, but I think our days of stopping to jump in are numbered. : (

DSC 9544

Eric took these 2 pics.  Love the sparking lake and that fine looking attempt at a french braid!

DSC 9545

Dylan and Avery have been entertaining us with pontoon dance parties.

DSC 9549

He loves to entertain us and see how much he can make us laugh with his moves.

DSC 9553

Eric keeps asking me what I’m teaching him.  I swear, these moves are Dylan Originals!!!  This part was more of an interpretive dance.  It was a slow part in the song.

DSC 9556

As always, they must push him in.

DSC 9560

So this weekend I got the wild idea to work on my pantry.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest of an amazing looking pantry and got very jelly.  Here is what my pantry looked like before:

DSC 9565

And here it is after!  Not too bad, huh?  Plenty of room for more stuff!  LOL

DSC 9568

And finally, Blake and Maya are here for the week at Lingy’s house so the kids are pretty excited.  Dylan and Blake enjoy playing together and Avery just LOVES Maya.  Gotta say….I do too!  LOL.  She’s a splendid baby sitter! : )

DSC 9572DSC 9593

Well, I’m sure we’ll have more shenanigans to report later on this week!  Have a good week!  Last week of summer! SNIFF SNIFF

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4 Responses to Catching up on our bidness

  1. E says:

    Agreed, it was nice to sit back and get chauffeured around by Mia!

  2. SM says:

    I love Eric’s loon–I have one just like it 🙂 And, of course, the pics of the kids are cute as always.

  3. Kim Wikoff says:

    Cute kiddos as always!!Miss them tons!!Erics loon is very classy!!Tricias pantry very impressive!I I must work on mine! lol xxoo

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