Peas, Pottys and Pontoons

It’s been awhile since there has been anything food related on this blog.  Its too hot to cook in the summer!  Thats my excuse anyway.  I’m looking forward to cooking again with cooler weather.  Doesn’t mean I want summer to leave though.  SUMMER!  Don’t leave me!  When we were out walking today I saw a disturbing sight – an orange leaf.  And it wasn’t alone.  : (  Anyway, back to food.  I’ve been working my way through Peas and Thank You blogger Sarah Matheny’s new cookbook.  I’ve been following her blog for a long time and anxiously awaiting the cookbook release.  Just like her blog, its hilarious to read and gorgeous to look at.  I read the whole thing cover to cover in a couple of days – which is pretty impressive when you have 2 kids and no time to read.  Happy to say no one drown during the reading of this cookbook. ; )  Anywho, someone has been very eager to help cook these days…

DSC 9408

Glasses, check!

DSC 9410

Flour all over body, check!

DSC 9411

Taste of yummy flour, check, check!  I think we were making dough balls here.  If you haven’t made them before, you MUST.  We had them quite often last winter but I had been “off the balls” for awhile and wasn’t ready to go back there during swimsuit season.  I gave in after seeing their lovely picture in the cookbook.  Oh dough balls, I love you.  Anywho, we also made Mama Pea’s Margaritas.  Dylan took notice of the margaritas that Eric and I were drinking recently (may have been the fun cups) and wondered when he could have a margarita.  Came across these non-alcoholic smoothie margaritas and thought – perfect!

DSC 9415

I had to call them “Kid Margaritas” instead of smoothies because he automatically dislikes things if they are called a smoothie.  I don’t know what thats about, but he’s been that way for a few months.  Whatever!

DSC 9418

These are awesome!

DSC 9422

Clearly, he is a fan.

DSC 9431

He drank TWO big glasses full.  Belly up, Dbert!

DSC 9437

Here he is wanting me to stop taking pictures.  Oh, okay.

DSC 9439

Time to hose him down!

DSC 9458DSC 9461DSC 9463DSC 9467DSC 9468

And then for lunch recently, we had the Mango, Strawberry and Chickpea Salad.  This was also very good.  Dylan ate all of his.  Avery ate none, but she never eats anything, so theres that.  I’m surprised she’s still alive sometimes, to be honest with you!

DSC 9479

Speaking of Avery – look where we’ve been hangin’ out the past couple of days.  FUN!

DSC 9481

She earned ONE prize today.  Just ONE.  I thought for sure she’d bite with the potty prizes, but no luck.  We’ll try again tomorrow though.  She did go in on her own to pee a couple of times, so perhaps we’re getting somewhere.

DSC 9489

While picking up the prizes, look what I found!  CUTE!

DSC 9490

She’s pleased it has pockets and when she checked herself out in the mirror, she grinned from ear to ear.  Clearly, she has my self esteem. ; )

DSC 9491

Kinda like this!  : )  She was only smiling because I told her she could take it off (“TOO HOT, MAMA!”) if she said “cheese.”

DSC 9494

It was very hot, so clearly we hit the lake after work.   Avery monopolized Ingrid’s peanuts.

DSC 9495

And that’s my cue to stop taking pictures of her.  Okay!  Geez!

DSC 9499

Well, that’d be it for today!  Later!



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4 Responses to Peas, Pottys and Pontoons

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    What a fun day, and great pix!! Loved the Avey helping baking pix—she even has flour IN her fancy glasses!! It looked like D really enjoyed his margarita—and he looks so grown-up!! can kida see how he’s going to look as a teen!!! Love Avoes’ new coat, and her expressions–she’s looking more like D all the time!! and the “kiss of death” stare was a fitting ending!! XXX

  2. Susan Damato says:

    omg, that coat, those piggys, the hands in the pockets all casual-like…she’s a jcrew model!! so cute!! also love the last pic! you’d better watch yourself–she’s about to unleash the fury of her agro.

    • Yeah, I’m dying over the coat. And the clothes I got her are pretty cute too. I got her this grey sweater dress that has a purple flower pin type thing on it with stripey tights. She’s gonna be so freakin cute! I die! I die!

  3. Kim Wikoff says:

    cute! cute! and cute!!Dyls is quite the ham …Aves quite the model ! Salad looked very good!! Great pics Tricia!

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