Dreams for my Children

Lately, its been fun to just sit and watch Dylan and Avery play together.  They play so well together MOST of the time.  A couple days ago, they were looking at pictures on my phone and I started snapping pictures of them with the camera.  All snuggled up together.

DSC 9269

And then I felt my chest getting all tight and tears welling up as I thought of how close my little brother and I were at this age.  I started picturing Dyls and Avos many many years from now and thinking of all the things I hope for them for the future.  Apparently I was having an emotional morning.  It happens.

DSC 9270

I want them to always know each other.  I  want them to know each other’s families.  I want them to see each other often.

DSC 9281

I want them to laugh together always and get along well.

DSC 9282

I want them to look back at their childhood and remember all the good times and forget about the bad (cuz there WILL be bad, like it or not).

DSC 9284

I want them to remember all the love they feel in our house and I want them to pass it along to their families.

DSC 9286

I want them to remember to call their mother because she’ll be missing them so much.

DSC 9290

I want them to have big dreams and keep striving to reach them, even when they are in their 30’s (just like their dad!).

DSC 9293

I want them to respect each other.

DSC 9295

Accept each other’s differences.

DSC 9298

And most of all, love each other always.

DSC 9313

Lots of sappiness here, I know!  : )  I just really want them to be as happy as they are today, always.  That’s my dream for them.


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10 Responses to Dreams for my Children

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    How true it is!! Maybe you should call it, “A Mother’s Dream” cause it is what all Mothers must wish for their sweet little children——but for ALL OF THEIR LIVES!!!
    XXXXX your Mom!!

  2. Dan says:

    I think instead of calling it a dream call it a Mothers prayer

  3. Laura says:

    That is so sweet, Tricia. I’m happy for you and your family full of love 🙂 Pulls on the ol’ heart strings.

  4. Susan Damato says:

    this isn’t sappiness–emotional and heartfelt to be sure, but not sappy.

    and could i amend the “forget the bad times” (denial doesn’t help, trust me) to “accept and forgive the bad times”? (and yes, i’m still working on it.)

    also, a word of caution–their pursuit of their own happiness might take them different places than what you hope for them. so, to add a few other good mother messages:

    It is not what you do but who you are that I love.

    I love you, and I give you permission to be different from me.

    You can trust your inner voice.

    • Well, I guess I just want something different for my kids. I dont want them to one day be missing their siblings and how things used to be. I miss you guys! But everyone is so divided! My wish for myself is to see you all in the same room again. But as I said, only a wish. A dream.

  5. Susan Damato says:

    i miss you too trishy, and our situation is heartbreaking to me as well. but i DON’T miss how things used to be because things always felt awful to me! what i remember is constant fear and anxiety, and it’s just too painful to revisit. and i’ve had a rough year (or two, or three) and i guess i’m in extra-self-protection mode. i’m trying to work through it, and hope that acceptance and peace will come. please know that i love you and that my distance isn’t an indictment of you or the life you’ve chosen.

  6. Lulu says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post before…have I been inattentive? To see their young innocent faces, it’s hard to imagine what will happen in their lives. I realize that when I look at Chanz. I have always wished he was able to share that love of a brother/sister. While that dream didn’t work out….he has the love of a wonderful family and I hope they continue to be a prescence in his life long after he leaves my house….although like I tell him; “where are we going to college?” 🙂

    • I know….I don’t ever want to let them out of this house! LOL But they must i suppose. Spread your wings, little birds! Where are we all going to college? Where do i sign up? ; )

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