I give you, Pontunia the 3rd

We had visitors this past weekend.  Chris and Shannon were up with their two girls Kayla and Alexis.  Kayla and Avery are a month apart in age and Lexy (hiding behind Avery’s head) is a year younger than them.  It was good times in the wagon trailer!

DSC 9125

Dylan liked taking care of all the little ladies.  He’ll be a good dad someday.

DSC 9127

He was very concerned about a situation that came up on Pontunia on Friday night.

DSC 9128

They key broke off in the ignition for NO reason at all!  No one was touching it!  We were just driving along, heard a snap and that was that.  Key broken!  And then someone turned the boat OFF just to see what would happen and sure enough, wouldn’t turn on again.  Turned out it was a blown fuse in the motor (what are the odds that the key breaks off AND a fuse blow at the same time!?) that was making it impossible to start the boat.  Luckily Shannon had her phone and we were able to call for a tow.

DSC 9129

Wayne to the rescue!  It was real classy.

DSC 9134

Here’s Dylan showing off some beans from the plants that he started from seed at school.  They are FINALLY producing something!

DSC 9141DSC 9143

Shannon forgot her camera at home, so she took pictures of her girls swimming with our camera to commemorate the occasion.

DSC 9147

I know she won’t want to forget this scene either!

DSC 9152

Avery and Dylan had fun taking it all in as well.

DSC 9159

Finally, here is a picture of Lexy with Shannon.

DSC 9166

And Kayla in the BLOB.

DSC 9184

Eric has Dylan on a strict training regimen for the upcoming hockey season.  Its fast approaching, people!

DSC 9200

While they were doing that, I zeroed in on a bee enjoying some pollen.  You’re welcome, bee!

DSC 9204DSC 9209

Lake Dylan was back for the weekend!   So nice to have a second lake for the kids to play in.  HA.

DSC 9211

Check it out!  We got a new pontoon this weekend too!  I shall call her…..wait for it…..wait for it……PONTUNIA the 3rd!  Clever, right?

DSC 9216

Check out those fancy seats!

DSC 9217DSC 9218DSC 9219DSC 9220

Short a few cup holders.  I know where to find some. (On White Earth Lake, there is a woman super glueing her cup holders in place on her dock.)

DSC 9223

I have sad news to report from this weekend, however.  The Honduran swing had finally had enough and snapped in half.

DSC 9227

Good thing we had another swing waiting in the wings.

DSC 9232

Out with the old, in with the new!  Dylan misses the Honduran swing though and requests that he get a new one or someone fix his.  This one is just not the same.  After all, it doesn’t have a hole for him to stick his head through while he swings.  ; )  So if anyone is in the neighborhood of Honduras, pick one up for him!

DSC 9240

What’s happenin’ LOON?!

DSC 9246

Avos the babos.  I have no idea why she looks tired here.  She took a 3 hour nap today.  We actually had to WAKE her up so we could get out on the lake.  Priorities!

DSC 9249

Heading back in after our ride.

DSC 9251

Well, nothing more to say tonight.  Later!



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4 Responses to I give you, Pontunia the 3rd

  1. Susan Damato says:

    so you were already planning on a 3rd pontoon boat when the second one broke? excellent timing!

    • Yep, new one was in the driveway. It wasnt/isn’t running tho. He got the old one running tho. Just needed a new fuse. And the new one is at the mechanics. The old one is up for sale on craigslist!

  2. Susan Damato says:

    well, this is crap! i did not get notified of this reply. boooo! wonder what i did wrong. maybe when i clicked the boxes below in the last one it was only for that post? do i go somewhere else to get notifications for everything?

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