Mall of America visit

A year and half ago, I met a girl online who was much like myself – stay at home mom, loved fitness, lived in the middle of no where – we had a lot in common!  LOL.  Anyway, after a year and half of talking via Facebook, we finally had a chance to meet yesterday when her family came to Minneapolis on a little family vacation.  They live in Saskatchewan, Canada, so this was quite the trek for them.  I’m glad they came cuz it was so fun to meet finally!   Anyway, Glenda and Wayne have 3 boys – Daniel, Josh and Andrew.  Dylan and the boys hit it off right way and had a good time on the rides.  I wasn’t so sure that Dylan would go on the rides because he is often scared of stuff like that – but as you can see – he got over his fears and had an AWESOME time.

DSC 9061DSC 9064

Avery even got to ride on a couple of rides!  She had no qualms about going on the rides and was quite pissy with me when she DIDN’T get to go on them.  Next time, Avos, next time.

DSC 9070

After a few rides, we ate at Tucci Benucch (obviously!) and took some pics to commemorate our meeting!  Glenny’s mama made the journey with them as well.

DSC 9073DSC 9074

Glenda and I!  Fitness Freaks unite!

DSC 9075

What kind of fitness freak meet up would it be without a trip to Lululemon?!  Avery sat very nicely while we looked around.  She was actually kinda mad when we were done b/c they had some real good reads there!

DSC 9077

She did locate Miss Barre B. Strong at the checkout tho and now she is quite mad that she doesn’t have a barbie doll of her own!  Someone will have to rectify that!

DSC 9078DSC 9081

While the ladies were at Lulu, the boys went back on the rides.  Wayne was kind enough to let Dylan use his wristband since we were out of points on our wristband.  Thanks Wayne!  He had so much fun with your boys!

DSC 9083DSC 9084DSC 9092

When we got back home, Eric had put the training wheels on Dylan’s old bike for Avery to try.  The tricycle we had is apparently broken and not fix-able, so this was the next best option until someone takes pity on her and gets her a trike.  ; )  And while they are at it, a barbie.  : )

DSC 9093DSC 9094DSC 9095

Eric said she was all smiles on her first ride, but after a fall, she wasn’t as happy about riding.

DSC 9098

See – little apprehensive.

DSC 9099

Well, thats it from me for tonight!  Time to hit the couch!


About trishthedish79

Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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8 Responses to Mall of America visit

  1. Glenda says:

    Thanks for posting Tricia! The family and I had a great time meeting you, Dylan, and Avery. We will do this again…soon!

  2. Susan Damato says:

    your shittin’ me, no barbies??

  3. megan says:

    I found your blog thru videofitness and barre threads. Wow, you 2 look great! Good inspiration for me to keep up with the barre workouts. Nice that you two got to actually meet. Enjoyed reading your blog!

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