I really must warn you and tell you now to take your “anti-jelly” pill as extreme jelly-ness may occur as a result of reading this post.

First, be jelly of Avery’s awesome look.

DSC 8586

The slippers are so big that they double as leg warmers!

DSC 8588DSC 8592

Be jelly of the blob.  Good times in the blob.

DSC 8594

Be jelly of being a kid.  He’s been quite the fish lately.  Definitely enjoying his summer in the blob.

DSC 8598

And absolutely be jelly of our times on Pontunia.  It was pretty hot the last few days, so we did a lot of this:

DSC 8601

Not hot enough for Avery though, apparently.  She hasn’t been much of a swimmer the last few days.

DSC 8612DSC 8613

Here she is watching the boys swim.

DSC 8617

Dylan wanted to know what a cannonball was recently.  Eric showed him and now he’s a cannonball professional.

DSC 8620

Be jelly of Avery’s container of nuts.  She definitely got her protein in that day!

DSC 8648DSC 8656

Be jelly of how nice it was on Saturday.

DSC 8658

Be jelly of our awesome can cozies from Eric’s friend Koop’s wedding last weekend.

DSC 8660

Be jelly of the views you aren’t seeing!

DSC 8662

Be jelly of the lunch I packed for the boat this afternoon!  And the kiddie picnic table!  And my chair!

DSC 8664

Be jelly of the finger food I whipped up.  D is enjoying a turkey, hummus and pickle roll up.  GOOD.

DSC 8677

Be jelly of boat naps!  For the record, she never actually did nap.

DSC 8688

Neither did he.

DSC 8691

Be jelly of Avery’s fun boat!  She finally went in cuz we had her boat.

DSC 8696DSC 8698DSC 8705DSC 8709DSC 8710

Be jelly of being pulled backwards holding onto ropes attached to Pontunia!  The looks you get from folks passing by are awesome!  “Look at those poor people!  Can’t afford a tube so they are pulling their kids on ropes!  For shame!”  It’s classy.  As is Pontunia, herself.

DSC 8716

One final piece of information to make you jelly – we’re going out for pizza in a bit!  I know, I know – you must be just DYING now.  So I’ll stop.




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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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One Response to Jelly

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Hey, what a clever thing to do—-picnic table and umbrella ON Pontunia!! looks like you had a fun wknd—I’d be jelly, but I too had a fun time at Nanc’s!! can’t wait for next wknd!! XXXX

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