Warrior Dash 2011

My friend Liz, my sister in law Renae and I competed in the Warrior Dash this past weekend in Minneapolis.  I only have 3 pictures, so savor them!

Here we are running up a ginormous hill.  The course was at Afton Alps, so imagine walking UP a ski hill.  Now imagine running UP a ski hill.  TOUGH.


This is the fire jump at the end of the course.  Dylan was worried about this part for me.  He was watching the news with my mom while I was gone and saw that it was raining in Minneapolis.  This made him happy because he thought the fire would be out then and I wouldn’t get burned.  Thanks for the concern, D!


And finally, here is Renae and I at the finish line.  We’re comparing mud coverage.  You HAD to swim thru the mud because there was barbed wire over the top of the mud pit.  Take note of how our tanks are hanging down to our knees because of the weight of the mud.  You could either stay a “mud person” or go and get hosed off by the snow making machines spraying water.  We chose to get hosed off and it was pretty brutal.  Brutally cold.  Brutally powerful.  And to be honest, kinda ineffective.  But better than being covered completely in mud for the ride home.


All in all, this was really fun.  And we’re definitely signing up again next year.  We’re hoping to recruit a few more peeps too, so start training for hills everyone!  We gotta beat our lame time of 57 minutes.  Seriously – the hills!  Oh the hills!



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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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4 Responses to Warrior Dash 2011

  1. E says:

    Just wanted to be the first to post a comment. Mission accomplished!

  2. Camille says:

    Love these pics and especially the socks!!! May have to plan a trip for next year.

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