Christmas in July

We’re getting back to business as usual around here.  Which means nightly boat rides and swims.  Its definitely the hottest weather we’ve had all summer so we’re trying to make the most of it.   Winter is unfortunately just around the corner for Minnesota.  Booooooo.

DSC 8504DSC 8506DSC 8511DSC 8512

She didn’t want to get in right away for some reason.

DSC 8513DSC 8517DSC 8520

Changed her mind once I was getting in.

DSC 8523DSC 8525

Not water boy – we had to really talk him out of the water this time.

DSC 8531

He loves being towed slowly by the boat.  Me, not so much.  Hurts my back after awhile.

DSC 8532DSC 8536

He’s always so delighted though, so its hard to say no.

DSC 8537

Yesterday was July 25th, so we had a few Christmas in July activities.  I put together a scavenger hunt for them.  Dylan “read” the directions and Avery carried the bag to carry their treasures.

DSC 8540DSC 8541

We had to break to put on hats b/c the horse flies are STILL SOOOOO bad here.  Hats help a little but not much.

DSC 8542

He’s wearing my Warrior Dash hat and a new shiner he got yesterday from horsing around on his bouncy hopper thingy and ramming into a chair.  Totally goes with the hat.  I told him he was definitely a Warrior.

DSC 8543DSC 8550DSC 8552DSC 8555

They had such a good time with this.

DSC 8556DSC 8558

Finding the final treasure.

DSC 8561

Sweet!  A box of cake mix!

DSC 8562DSC 8564DSC 8571

And here is the Christmas in July cake!  I made the espresso chocolate frosting that I made back in February for Eric’s birthday.  Seriously good stuff.  Give it a try if you are in the market for a cake soon.

DSC 8574DSC 8575

I realize there are 3 pictures of her in a row here, but her smile was so bright because she was so excited about her “budday tate” part 2 (she was CONVINCED it was all hers and that it was her birthday again) that I just had to post all 3 of her.  Seriously cute.

DSC 8576

She’s not naked, she has shorts on!  Tried to take the mess to a minimum on her shirt.  So I figured this would work well.

DSC 8577DSC 8578DSC 8582


Merry Christmas in July!


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