Memorial Day Part 2

Well, upon looking back, it seems I only took this one food pic.  The light was no bueno all weekend long, so food pics didn’t look as appetizing.  Thats my story, anyway.

DSC 6839

Here we are setting out for the inaugural first boat ride of the season.  It was much like our final ride of the season – COLD.  Windy.  Somewhat wet.

DSC 6846DSC 6850DSC 6855

Avery ditched her coat and lifejacket and refused to put them back on despite how cold it was.  Stubborn.

DSC 6861

This guy popped up right next to the boat, saw us and went right back under.

DSC 6867

For some reason, Avery and Dylan are fascinated by someone blowing bubbles with their gum.

DSC 6876DSC 6894DSC 6897DSC 6903

Rock-o made himself right at home with Jon.  They sat and talked about their shared love of bacon.

DSC 6906

You know its cold when Dillybar wraps up in a blanket.

DSC 6917DSC 6920DSC 6923

Natalie’s hat nearly flew off due to her shenanigans.  Daniel’s blanket was almost a goner as well.

DSC 6924

Campfire time!  Daniel decided that he wasn’t going to look at me once he saw the camera.

DSC 6926

I can’t remember what Jon was “OHHHHHH”ing about.

DSC 6927

Daniel had to wait awhile for his s’more.  Being the 2nd child blows!

DSC 6931

Here is Dylan enjoying his 3 year old marshmallow.  Mmmmm

DSC 6933

Avery and one of her 6 cookies.  I had to put the kibosh on her having MORE.  She can be very persuasive with grandparents.

DSC 6935DSC 6939

Daniel spoke to his mom for about 30 seconds.  He had no time to talk!

DSC 6941

Natalie posing with her s’more.

DSC 0656

And finally – Natalie learned how to ride a bike!

DSC 0669DSC 0671

Dylan was nice enough to let her practice over and over again with his bike.

DSC 0680

She pretty much has it down!  Just needs a little practice on starting up on her own and turning around, but she’s well on her way!

DSC 0690

Well thats it from us for Memorial Day weekend.  What a washout.  Its rainy and cold here again this morning so I think we’re loading up and going HOME!  Apparently summer hasn’t gotten the memo that its okay to come now.  I give up!


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