Steel Trap Memory

This morning I was doing a little toenail maintenance and Avery came over and started yelling, “AVERY’S!!!!!”  Meaning, “do mine too!”  So I painted hers while Dylan looked on.  Eventually he said that he wanted his done too and picked out 2 colors.  The green color to match mine and Avery’s and orange for his fingers.  So I did his toes, and while I was doing them, he says, “you’re gonna have to take this off right away before Dad comes down.”  “Why????”  I asked while gritting my teeth!  “Because I don’t want him to say what he said to me at Avery’s birthday party last year.”  ?????  I have no recollection of this, but I guess his Aunties painted his nails and his dad got mad.  He never forgets a thing it seems!  Eric was just telling me a story about how he remembered some random detail the other day about something Eric had long forgotten.  Its funny how much he remembers.  I might have to write stuff down so he continues to remember.  I know I don’t remember much from being a kid!  Guess thats what this blog is for – to document their happenings!  Anywhere – here are the toes. The polish was removed immediately following this photo shoot, so don’t worry Daddy.

DSC 6493DSC 6494DSC 6496


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