>Fitness Friday – Zumba Love!


So I start teaching Zumba tomorrow morning!  I was finally able to get into the studio and use the mic yesterday so now I actually feel like I’m ready to do this.  It seems silly to be so nervous about teaching a fitness class!  But when you have to dance, cue, try not to fall off the platform, smile and look around the room at your participants – it CAN be kind of nerve wracking.  And I haven’t even done the last 2 things yet (it feels weird to smile at no one! LOL)!  But it all seemed to really come together yesterday, so I’m feeling confident that tomorrow will go well.  I am co-teaching tomorrow with the Zumba instructor who already teaches at the YMCA (where I will also be teaching).  She is going to do a few songs and then I will do 4-5 songs plus the cool down.  It should be fun!  She usually gets a crowd of 30-40 people, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous.  But excited too!  And then I will be teaching class on Thursday mornings for now.  Hopefully I’ll have more classes soon!  Anyway, I thought I’d upload a video and embarrass myself a little.  Hey – if I can’t share it with the world, then how can I actually do it in front of people?! Right?!  So here ya go!  Click on the link again, cuz like last time – can’t figure out how to embed a video here.


About trishthedish79

Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    >It's Bee from vf forum — just wanted to say good luck teaching! It'll be a blast!

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