>South Padre Island – Final installment


Sigh.  We are back home in MN now.  And they are forecasting more snow for this week.  Siiiiiigh again.  I miss you Texas!  And in honor of you, Texas, here is a montage of photos documenting our last day in the sun.

DSC 5309DSC 5310DSC 5311

Eric and Dylan went on a Pirate Adventure cruise in the afternoon.  Since I wasn’t there, I can’t comment too much on these photos.  I just watched the video from the excursion though and it looked like Dylan really enjoyed it.  Here are the pics that they picked out to show you all:

DSC 5315DSC 5318DSC 5337

Dolphins AND pirates?!  Two for one baby!

DSC 5352DSC 5368DSC 5369DSC 5376

He actually volunteered to be a part of the sword fighting!

DSC 5383DSC 5386DSC 5396DSC 5406DSC 5416DSC 5423DSC 5443DSC 5455

And finally, his tattoo.  I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of Eric’s pirate mustache he had when we picked them up.  It was stylin’!

DSC 5465


Well, that is all from Texas.  Back to reality I guess.  And our reality kinda stinks (literally) because of MORE septic issues.  SPRING?!  Where are YOU!?!?!?!?

I promise…recipes will be back later this week.  Right now we have an empty fridge (we are even out of milk and bananas – gasp!  These are the only 2 things Avery willingly eats lately!) so I have to make a run asap to the store.  We’re starving!

K, later!



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