>Still recovering


Day 5 and still not feeling that great.  I think I was re-infected by the kids when they were infected by me.  Right now I’m feeling better than I did this morning – probably because of this weird drink my friend Livvie told me to drink.  It was 5 smashed garlic cloves, lemon juice and water. I brought it all to a boil, poured the water into a cup and added honey and a ton of cayenne pepper.  Bottoms up!  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, actually!  And my cough finally seems to be tapering!  I also have some restorative tunes to give to credit to.  Guster’s new album came out 10 DAYS ago!  How the heck did I forget about it?!  So I’m listening to it right now – Guster always makes a person feel better!  Love the Guster!  Oh and lets not forget about the Almond Butter Cups that always make me feel super.  Love those too! Open-mouthed

In other news, we must bid farewell to an old friend.  I’ve been given crap in recent years for my green winter coat.  Last year I was told I better get rid of it before other hockey mom’s start calling me Shrek.  I’ve worn this coat since 2005 I think.  Its been with me thru my single days, my preggo days and has brought me to here.  Its a great coat!  Only problem is yes, I’ve had it a LONG time and people are sick of it.  Also, its permanently dirty from brushing up against the car, etc.  It was time I moved on.DSC_6040 We ARE going to miss each other though.  Don’t worry, I wont be doing anything DRASTIC like getting rid of it.  We have such a tight bond!  That would be just WRONG.

DSC_6415 So, let me introduce you to my new coat!  I dare you to come up with a nickname they could call me now, Lulu!   DSC_1556These pics are the best I could do.  I wore my hat so my hair didn’t scare you all.  I’m sick, ya know!  Like I really do my hair when I’m sick!  Or um, if I’m not leaving the house.   DSC_1558

This is the Columbia Snake Away Down Coat.  It has some sort of water/stain repellant built into it!  Fabulous!   DSC_1559Annnnnnnnd – its REVERSIBLE!!!! 2 coats for 1!  How thrifty am I??? DSC_1561 DSC_1562

Today’s snack ROCKED. I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff.  It is SO good.  Especially when you heat it up and its all warm and melty.  MmmmmmmDSC_1568 DSC_1570 DSC_1572 DSC_1574Avos had her apple sans almond butter.  She prefers to stay clean.  Her hair may be messy, but her clothes must be clean.  At least that I can control, right? DSC_1575

DSC_1576Well there is a rousing game of hide and seek going on.  Dylan is hiding, so I spoze I should quit “pretending” to seek!


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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2 Responses to >Still recovering

  1. harleygirlTX says:

    >Snazzy coat, Tricia! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Good-Bye Shrek!! What else do you want me to nickname so you can get more new stuff! LOL!!Like the new coat! Hope you are feeling better!!Lulu!

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