>And then he turned 4


Today is our Dylan’s 4th birthday!  I’ll have a complete round up of the birthday happenings later on, but for now – I have pics from his school bday party and a sneak peek of his cakes (yes, cakes is plural.  I must be crazy to make TWO cakes). 

Dylan with his friends during circle time.  The little guy with the glasses next to him is Evan, his best buddy at school. DSC_1325Apparently Dylan is the class of 2025???  How did I not know this?   DSC_1326Here he is getting his birthday crown and fake cake.  When we were leaving school (I stayed to help out – tho, I’m not sure how much I really helped, but oh well!) he was like, “where’s my cake?”  Yeah, not a real cake D.   DSC_1327 W

e were asked to bring a baby picture so he could show his class.  He was pretty funny showing his picture.  He went around the circle twice.  The first time, he had the picture facing down and no one could see.  So he had to go around a second time.  The second time, he went soooooooooo slooooooooow, so it was pretty funny. DSC_1332 DSC_1334

Boys being boys. DSC_1335

His birthday tracing. DSC_1337

Coloring his tracing with Evan. DSC_1341Sponge painting with Evan (yeah, they were pretty much inseparable until at one point they had to be separated for talking too much – uh oh!  Already???). DSC_1344

  And here is what I did from 7am to 3pm yesterday.  DSC_1350Lots of colors! DSC_1352

The TWO cakes. DSC_1354And a sneak peek of the cakes.  Come back later for more pics!!  DSC_1363



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