>Delicious Day!


Dylan was over at Larry and Ingrid’s most of the day again!  No, that’s not why the day was delicious (though, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the peace and quiet – thanks Lingy!) – this is why the day was delicious! 


I took a page from OSG Angela and stacked these pretty babies up! 


These cookies have not been “healthified.”  We are going up to Loon Lodge (yes, I know, again) this weekend and I was asked to bring cookies for the masses.  The masses would not be happy if I showed up with something that has been “healthified.”  Though, to be honest, I haven’t tried a “healthy” version of Snickerdoodles.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist!  A cup of sugar is a cup of sugar, people!  Tongue out I may still show up with a pan of TTT Bars though!  Open-mouthedDSC_0049

I got this recipe on All Recipes.  Had good reviews, so I went for it.  Its AWESOME.  They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Perfection!  And they photograph very well outside!  (Took another page from OSG – I have what she doesn’t have though – a lake in the background! Ha!) DSC_0053

Next bit of delicious-ness – Roasted Chickpeas from Mama Pea.  O.M.G.  These are good.  REALLY good.  All 3 of my people ate them and there was no complaining.  (Oh, okay, the baby who is teething didn’t eat them – but I think she will once she’s not all, “molar-y”) DSC_0054

Alright, if this taco looks awesome, its because it WAS.   DSC_0059

Ok, one more picture of it!  Mmmmm.  Perfect meatless meal!

DSC_0060 That’s it for tonight.  Time to get these kiddies in bed and relaxxxxx!!


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