>Quick trip to Crookston


  I got the afternoon off to go to my cousin Nicole’s bridal shower this afternoon in Crookston, MN.  Grandpa was babysitting the kids (Eric is in DL for his dude weekend football draft thing, you’ll recall) and he was somewhat confident in his abilities to “handle it.”  I left out all the appropriate things they may need in my absence, wrote out a schedule and left strict instructions that at no point should the bathroom door be left open.  Avery has been known to “test the waters” in there if you know what I mean.  And often, those waters are tainted – also, if you know what I mean.  Men and boys. Eye-rolling  So we wished him luck and we were off!  Freeeeeeeeedom!  The shower was held at my cousin Ben’s house by his wife Lacy.  She had quite the spread of food and some delicious slushes!  Oh how I love slushes! Here is my Aunt Nancy and my mom enjoying said slushes.  DSC_9937

The pickle thingys are a typical Crookston type appetizer.  Might LOOK weird, but I assure you – its goooooooood.  DSC_9938

Fancy spread, right? DSC_9939

Mint chocolate brownies! DSC_9940

And here is the bride to be with her flower girl, Greta.   DSC_9941

Here is the rigged game of BRIDE bingo.  I should have won with that very first column there.  I believe the winner of the game was shoving gifts at Nicole in the order that she needed so that she would BRIDE first.  No fair!  Those dish towels should have been MINE!   DSC_9942

Party guests.  I see a Bobbi Pin! DSC_9944

And you know its not a trip to Crookston without a stop at Happy Joes!  That’s right, Grandpa Danny, Lulu, Kelli and Jamie – I HAD HJ’S THIS WEEKEND TOO!  SO THERE! DSC_9947

I also hit up a store in Crookston and got a couple of books for the kids.  They need more books like they need holes in their heads, but oh well.  They both are thoroughly enjoying them! DSC_9948

MMmmmmm Happy Joes. DSC_9951

Avery’s teeth are bugging her again so she wasn’t interested in the pizza.  So Grandpa shared his yogurt with her.  She was quite pleased. DSC_9954 DSC_9955 DSC_9956

He looks as though he is up to something, doesn’t he? DSC_9959

So does she. DSC_9960

Grandpa read this book a few times in a row and then once Grandpa had had enough, he took it over to Grandma and made her read it.  Apparently it’s a hit! DSC_9964

Grandma is wanting a new Facebook profile pic, so we had to do an Avery and Grandma photoshoot.  Hopefully at least one of these pics will meet with her approval!  DSC_9972 DSC_9976 DSC_9979 DSC_9980 DSC_9984DSC_9985

Well, about time for me to sleep!  Tomorrow is my glorious rest day which means I get to sleep in.  Though, truth be told – I slept in the past 2 days!  Doesn’t mean I didn’t work on my fitness, but means I had babysitters! Smile  Monday morning might be rough!  Later!


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