>Cookie day


It was another schweaty sauna type day yesterday, so we spent most of the day hiding inside.  We went for a bike ride at lunch and even poor Avery was sweating and she was RIDING in the bike cart.  No exertion and you were sweatin’!  Dylan had been requesting cookies for the past few days so I told him the next time it was cool outside we could make them.  Today, he got his wish.  You gotta love Minnesota weather.  Hot and sticky one day, cool and windy the next.  Oh well, the kid got cookies out of the deal, so its not all bad.  I used sucanat in place of the brown sugar today and they just weren’t as good.  I can taste it and it tastes off.  Not bad, just off.  These cookies are by no means healthy (1 cup of shortening will do that to a cookie!), but I like to try to make them a little better for this little fam.  I did switch out the flour again with whole wheat (1 cup regular, 1 cup whole wheat) and that change isn’t noticeable.  Here they are in dough form: DSC_9800The assistant wasn’t as helpful as he usually is.  He’s gearing up for Halloween, can you tell? DSC_9801 DSC_9802 DSC_9803 DSC_9804

I snacked on these lovely peaches today instead of cookies.  I know, I’m so good. Wink I’m going to be seriously sad when peach season is over.  We’ve really been enjoying them.   DSC_9805  Here is the baked version.DSC_9807    So remember how I said our oven had issues?  Well, Eric reset it so that it no longer had issues and now things are getting too done! Apparently I had gotten used to its “issues.” Dang it!DSC_9809 DSC_9810 After cookies we practiced writing.  I told Dylan he didn’t want to be the kid who doesn’t know how to write his name at school (which isn’t true since he’s stuck in the 3 yr old class for this year due to a lame age cut off – I’m quite sure that others won’t be as advanced! Tongue out).  He did surprisingly well!  We’ve been trying to get him to hold his pencil the right way and he has refused until today.  I think the mention of “impressing his teacher with his skills” was what did it.  He’s a people pleaser!  DSC_9811

I didn’t help him write that at all!  He did it all on his own!  (I wrote it up top and he looked at it for reference purposes in case he forgot how it went) DSC_9812 DSC_9813  Pretty darn good I think!  (his is on the bottom)DSC_9817DSC_9818 I’m off the hook again for dinner tonight (3 nights in a row, baby!!!) because we are going to Pork E Pines (laugh it up, I know this area is intriguing to those who don’t live here) for tacos the size of our heads.  If you’re lucky, I’ll take a picture to prove it.   Later!


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