>Prepping for Preschool


Well, I finally got Dylan signed up for preschool in the fall.  He will be attending the Learning Tree Preschool in Brainerd on Mondays and Thursdays for 2.5 hours in the mornings.  I think this will probably turn out to be the perfect transition for him.  Not too many days away from his mommy (for his sake and mine!) and he gets to make friends and learn how to interact better with kids his own age.  Since he’s been home with me this whole time, he really has only interacted with his cousins and other family members.  Its time he venture away from the nest for a bit.  But, with that said, we do have some things we need to work on before he goes.  After all, we don’t want to look like a couple of chumps as parents!  First and foremost – his habit of relieving himself wherever he feels like.  The last straw was at Cass Lake after Avery and Easton’s baptism.  We were all gathered around the grills and the picnic table making dinner.  Pastor Bruce and his wife Esther were there, so it wasn’t like it was just family.  Dylan whips it out and pees right then and there in front of everyone, giggling as he did it.  Eric and I were pretty much mortified.  Dylan was immediately put in a time out (which really does nothing, we’ve learned).  Since then, we’ve been trying to explain to him why he can’t do that anymore.  But we really need to kick it into high gear now because the last thing I need is to be picking him up from school and having his teacher tell me he whipped it out on the playground.  That would be bad.  Another thing we need to work on – explaining how people can look different than us.  For instance, color of skin and body types/appearances.  Yesterday at the grocery store, an African American woman and her baby went by us with their cart and Dylan said to me rather loudly, “Why is that baby’s skin all black?!”  I wanted to crawl in a hole and DIE!  This also reminds me of the time we were at the store and there was an older, somewhat unattractive woman next to us in the aisle.  Dylan says to me within her earshot, “Whats that guy doin’?”  I ignored him and hoped he’d be quiet.  Nope, kept asking.  “MOM! Whats that GUY doin?!?”  Finally, she said, “You think I look like a guy?  I guess I’m not very pretty, so I guess I can see how you’d think I look like a guy.”  Shoot. Me.  So anyway, we have some stuff to work on.  I can’t believe he’s off to school though this fall.  I really feel like he was JUST a baby like Avery.  She’s just now starting to talk more and I feel like it was just yesterday that Dylan was learning to talk.  Now he’s almost off to school! He’s growing up way too fast! : (









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One Response to >Prepping for Preschool

  1. Renae says:

    >Yes – this preschool thing will be good for everyone. Now you get to spend a couple of hours twice a week shopping with only one kid. That should be a breeze! I hope the retraining of relieving himself in the bathroom is going well. The other problem should be easier to "solve".

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