>Aberdeen Part 2


As usual, Blogger is being a pain in the arse, so the pictures and recaps will be in several posts. But hey – at least it isn’t the pictures in backwards order this time! Bonus!
Here’s more from the waterpark. He’s our little fishy!

We also visited Storybook Land! We always have talked about going, but never have. We’re gonna have to revisit it though b/c the mosquitos were SO bad. We even had bug spray on and they were still attacking us. Poor Avey got a ton of bites on her little leggies. : ( So because of the bugs, we didn’t stay long. Also, Avery was running on empty so we didn’t really want to push our luck. You know how Avery gets when she gets angry… ; )

Dylan sees a water fountain just like this one on a street in Brainerd and yells for me to “STOP THE CAR! LET ME OUT!” So he finally got to use one at Storybook Land! How exciting!

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