>Long time no blog!

>Well, I’ve been fairly busy the last week and 1/2 and had no time to blog. Grandma Puppy came to visit starting a week ago today and I began painting Dylan’s new bedroom and also a little bit in the playroom. If you want to see a sneak peek of the rooms (I’ll take more pics once they are more complete) please visit our shuttercal webpage: www.shuttercal.com/calendar/DylansMom. We also went out to eat and did some shopping while Grandma was visiting. Baby Girl got some lovely things as did DD. He was spoiled rotten for Valentine’s Day this year. I think he accumulated 6 “Cars” cars this week. So he’s pretty pleased. However, now he thinks he should get more presents. Yesterday he asked me if he could have a “Boost and Snotrod present” (they are “Cars” cars). Yeah, I think hes good on presents for awhile! Then on Friday we came to Aberdeen and Eric went to Fargo for a hockey tournament. We went shopping again (again, baby girl made out like a bandit! Thanks Gma!) and have just been hanging out the rest of the time. I made a Cars fleece tie blanket for Dylan yesterday. I had to trick him into liking it since he seems to reject blankets that are not his “super blankies.” I told him it was my Cars blanket, not his. That did it. He wanted it then! We also made cupcakes and refused to take naps. So thats been fun. Eric arrived last night and will be getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow – sucker! And Gma caught her yearly cold and has been rather pitiful ever since. So she hasnt been much fun the past couple days. There, I believe you are now caught up on our happenings! Here is a link to some pics from the past couple days:


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  1. >about time! DD looks like he’s loving those cupcakes. He’s looking older too! Oh, DD we miss you!!! Hope all goes well with the tooth extractions and that Gma Puppy is feeling better and more useful very soon! Hasta Luego!

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