>Bump Watch!


Here’s a bump update for you all.  I’m 15 weeks today, so I thought I’d take a pic.  Only 5 more weeks and I’ll be half way done with this crap!  Today, I counted FIVE underground zits (ya know, the giant painful kind that never come to surface, but look and feel like crap) on my face.  FIVE.  I mean, is that really necessary?  Seriously, five?  Anyway, she/he is coming along nicely – apparently bones are forming this week.  Break out the milk and cheese! Oh and also 5 more weeks until we know if we have a she or a he.  Anyway, enjoy the pics.  I also included a few of Dyls from the past few days.  He made me ride the sled with him and wanted mommy to lay on her belly and zoom across the ice like he did.  Yeah, not happening this year!  And also a pic of Dilly painting.  He’s been wanting to do that pretty often lately….such a fun cleanup.  NOT!  Ok, thats all! 


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4 Responses to >Bump Watch!

  1. Susan says:

    >my belly is bigger than yours!

  2. auntie kelli says:

    >I love the pics of the belly!! It’s soooo cute!! It’s a girl, I just know it. I thought Addi was a girl, and I turned out right about that one! I also enjoyed the sledding pics, I don’t know why you wouldn’t lay on your tummy like D did. I hear D’s been coloring lots of pictures. Feel free to bring me a couple…eric said he’d bring a hundred…don’t need that many, but I always enjoy some art work.

  3. singinols says:

    >You look fabulous, Lady!!! Sledding looks like fun, we will have to find a warm weekend and do that here.

  4. Krystyn says:

    >Looks like fun! And you look great!! Dylan is getting so big!!

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