>Picture bonanza!


Heres a nice smorgasboard of pics for you all!  The first and second to last pics are for my mom.  Don’t these popovers make ya proud?!  These usually are a big flop (as in, they dont rise up and look like rocks) but this time they were picture worthy and belly worthy.  We have eaten almost all of them.  Over half were consumed with dinner last night.  Seriously good.
The pics of the boy with peanut butter all over his face are for Grandpa Puppy.  Dylan has been loving apples lately and is used to eating smaller ones.  And when I say he eats them, I mean he actually eats the whole thing.  Like down to the core and sometimes eats the core.  Although, usually I’ll find the core or bits of the core under a chair or something.  If only he’d get the concept down of the garbage can being used for garbage.  The other day I found the pillowcases I had just washed and neatly folded – in the garbage can.  Thanks Dylan!  Anyway, Grandpa Puppy had brought some GIANT apples for us to eat and so I figured I’d better cut these up for him instead of just handing him the whole apple.  So we were standing in the kitchen enjoying a nice snack together when I suggested that we eat them like Grandpa does – with peanut butter on them!  That was met with a very enthusiastic YEAH!!!  So we got out the PB and went to town.  And as you can see from the pics, it was a hit.  The apple went to the wayside tho and he decided that all he wanted was the PB.  How could I blame the kid tho – peanut butter is the sweetest nectar from the gods.  Or the nuts.  Whatever.  Anyway, those pics are for you Grandpa!
And lastly, you will see that a) our snow and ice melted and b) our dock is now out and is done for.  Oh and c) we should have just left the piece of crap in the water – it would have been better off there.  Now we have to look at the ugly, craptastic thing all winter long.  So, since the poles all got bent, it looks like we are in the market for a new dock.  I’m just upset cuz there went my ice skating bench!  See!  I knew we should have just left it in!  My ideas are genius!

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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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6 Responses to >Picture bonanza!

  1. Renae says:

    >The poles got bent from pulling it out? The popovers looked delish. Makes me want to make some. BTW – I think you should be in the market for a new countdown to baby ticker. The one you have creeps me out!

  2. >I dunno….i think the poles were messed up already on their own. They apparently get stuck in the muck and if the suction didnt break..then maybe thats how they got bent? Or maybe b/c a couple poles were already broke, so it was hanging down low already? I dunno. Yeah, i need a new ticker cuz that one freaks me out too. The one i want i cant seem to get it to work, so im crabby! Blogger is really on my nerves lately!!!!

  3. auntie kelli says:

    >I agree that you need a new countdown for the baby, i took one look at it and got the creepers!! Well that’s crazy about the dock, wtf is with that. I’m also very upset right now that our show got cancelled!!

  4. >I agree…I did not like the picture of my floating neice! Zsazy deserves a better picture. I decided that’s what her name is.

  5. >What a cawinkidink. Reed and Ella made popovers this evening too! We were sitting down and gpa asked if we saw your blog, we hadn’t. They are a tasty treat. Apples and PB are a super yummy snack aren’t they DD. ps the baby counter is rather scary. I started with the same baby countdown without many options

  6. auntie kelli says:

    >So I need to know what these “POPOVER” things are????? I don’t believe that I’ve ever had them!

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