>Weekend Update


It was a busy weekend for us.  Friday was a real purdy fall day at the lake, so we spent much of the day outside.  Eric made a few trips with his wheelbarrow (see the pics below) and made much progress on the beach and Dylsie had fun playing outside in the leaves with Ingrid.  

Can’t remember what load # this was….

Dylan checking out his beach

One, two, three – JUMP!

And then on Friday night, Erika and Josh arrived for a visit.  Saturday was a lovely day as well, so we were outside a lot then too.  Eric worked on the beach a bit more and we all supervised his efforts.  We also played a game of croquet and took a pontoon ride around the lake.  The pontoon made it all the way around the lake (we hadn’t taken it around the lake yet, so there was some discussion on whether or not it would make it), so that was a relief.  Saturday night we went to Harding (or Harris, Harring or Harold, as Erika would call it) for some food.  Very exciting times.  The ribs were good.  Anyway, here are some pics from Saturday:

Getting close to done!


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  1. >Look at that fancy beach!!! We’re loving the fall pics as we don’t get to see those beautiful colors here. How we miss them. Dylsie looks like he’s having a great time. We miss you guys!

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