>You all are jonzin for an update from us, right?


Greetings, loyal readers!  
D and I had a mini photo shoot this morning.  And since we have nothing else to share at the moment, I thought I would post a few of the pictures.  

This is what happens when I get out the camera.  He requests that I set the self timer and he automatically does “funny face” every time.  What have I started???

I climbed up on the edge of the car to take his picture after he had laid down and covered himself up.  Apparently he didn’t realize he could climb on the outside of it, cuz he got right up out of bed and started scaling the car.  Whoops!

DD BUCKET HEAD!!!!  (if you yell that, this is what he does.  He’ll do the same thing with his pumpkin bucket – “DD PUMPKIN HEAD!!!”)

DD just bein’ cute.

Here is a picture of our daily battle of wills.  Dylan hasn’t been the best eater these days (unless its something like pizza – who could blame him there, tho, right?) so getting him to eat is sometimes a big struggle.  Today was particularly fun.  I’ll spare you the picture of him with a mouthful of edamame with his mouth wide open about to spit it all out.  What fun it was! ha.  Oh and he is not wearing a shirt b/c his gag reflex kicked in after he crammed a bunch of food in to an already full mouth.  Yummy.

Here is the dirt that has accumulated from the “Big Dig.”

Milly chasing some leaves.  

The beach has grown a bit from the last update.  If you missed the mathematical calculations that led to this expansion, please refer to the comments section of the post titled, “A Beach Update.”

Check out all the rocks we have now!  Sweeeeet.  
Please tune in tomorrow for some exciting news and pictures regarding the birth of a new brother or sister for UB PIMPIN (the boat).  That is all I can tell you for now.  

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5 Responses to >You all are jonzin for an update from us, right?

  1. >R U Preggers??? What kind of birth? I enjoy the DD pics, he is such a ham. When is coming to play at Lulu’s?

  2. >UB pimpin is not pregnant. And neither am I. We are ADOPTING a sibling for her. She will probably get cast aside a lot for this beauty! Wait and see…..

  3. Greens14 says:

    >Intimidator is a guy! Note Dylan decided he wanted his beach to extend 2 more feet to the east so more digging is to be had.

  4. >Is it a pontoon?I’d go another foot back as well.

  5. tonih says:

    >yup, bigger is always better (when refering to a beach!!) where did all the big rocks come from and where are they going?hey, a PT boat will be sweet!! fun to see pics of the boy–we miss him!!! XXXXX

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