>Looking for advice

>Im bored and was just admiring the new looks of the kitchen but thinking that it needs something more.  Relax Poppy, I mean at some point – not right now.  What I am thinking it needs is a backsplash.  Something to liven it up a bit in there!  As if the red walls arent enough!  Anyway – I’m open to suggestions!  Colors?  Materials?  Anyone, anyone?  Please see the pictures from the last entry to refresh your memories on what I am talking about here.  Its obvious I’m going to need a nice winter project and this is gonna be one of them.  Annnnnnnnnd GO!


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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7 Responses to >Looking for advice

  1. ryanstm says:

    >The backsplash idea is a good one. But look at all of those electrical outlets that you would have to extend all of the boxes on. That would definately put you in the race. And maybe even give me a chance of winning it.

  2. >Oh geez….you make a good point. Hmmm.

  3. >I don’t know much about construction, but if it involves the men folk doing a project…expect delays.

  4. auntie kelli says:

    >Whenever the men do a project, there are many delays!! I would like to say tricia that I am a fan of the PURPLE!! But you know where I would like to see that color!

  5. tonih says:

    >well, I will be choosing mine soon and I will keep you in mind!!

  6. Susan says:

    >dude, i STILL haven’t figured out what to do for my own backsplash so i’m no help. some manner of mosiac tile is as far as i’ve gotten.

  7. dd's grpa says:

    >I would of had the tile back there already…haha I know an excellent cheep tiler in Honderous that will even give you a back massage when he is done…..

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