>The worlds most boring update.

>Heres an exciting update – Dylan now has an ING account. Whooopeee, right?! I was supposed to spin this as an exciting update, but really – I don’t think i can generate much excitement about this kinda thing. To each their own, i guess. Sorry Poppy – not many people find ING accounts as exciting as you do.

P.S. Gma Puppy is weird b/c she gave Dylan two dollars once, so his account balance is a weird number. Eric wanted you to know that Mom. HAHA Poppy!

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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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5 Responses to >The worlds most boring update.

  1. Greens14 says:

    >I agree lame update and we are NOT soliciting for donations Misquote “$2 was a wierd dollar amount” not Gramma is wierd

  2. >I think you were implying that the weird dollar amount meant that the giver of the weird dollar amount is weird also. Hmph.

  3. tonih says:

    >Well…………surely you explained why the $2.00 amount?????? XXX “weird” gma puppy

  4. >Yes, i explained it as best i could, but he still thot it was a weird amount.

  5. >Eric, I’m sure you wrote that with your CRAZY EYES, since it’s weird not wierd.

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