>At Gma’s House

>Hola readers!

Welcome to the first post. Hold on to your chairs, its going to be very exciting.

We are at gma and gpa Wikoff’s house this weekend. Dylan is down mowing with daddy and I am browsing the internet waiting for food to be made. Thats the problem with these Wikoffs – they always eat late. And this new member of the fam eats early! Early, i tell you!

Well now i’ll get to what im sure people will gather here for – their Dylan update. Lets see, what has my boy done today. Well, lets start with last night. We arrived here around 7:30 or so – which is normally bedtime for DD. But since hes on vacay, he gets special treatment. He played out in the sand for awhile and then grandma suggested going to DQ for ice cream. DD yells, “NO! NO ICE KEEM!” (for your reference, i think i might spell the things he says how he says them – it will be fun!) Clearly, DD wants to keep playing. And also, he has no clue what ice cream is. You see, we dont eat much ice cream at our house. Mainly b/c it goes bad before we can eat it. And also because its a bad habit. There, i said it. Anyway, Gma kept asking and finally DD agreed. “Ice Keem! Ice keem! Gma’s house, ICE KEEM!” He thinks we’re having it here at gma’s house and cannot figure out why we are getting in the car to eat ice cream. (oh, and can i just say that it gets dark now at like 8:30! winter is coming and im not happy about it.) So we get to DQ and Gma insists that DD get a baby cone and that everyone else get a size bigger than what they had previously planned on ordering because, “we can take it home and freeze it.” I am thinking shes nuts – theres no way this kid is gonna eat the ice cream cone. His previous experiences with ice cream always ended in him not wanting it b/c it was too cold. Apparently, he has outgrown that cuz he ate THE ENTIRE THING. Plus, some of everyone elses ice cream too (ok, good call on supersizing, gma). Now she is threating that we go back tonight. Um, no.

So back to today’s happenings. DD got up early even tho he went to bed super late. Every parent who is not a grandparent -aka, someone who has lost their memory – knows that if your kid goes to bed super late – it DOES NOT mean that they will sleep in late to compensate for the lost sleep. In fact, it means that your kid will be getting up earlier than normal. I’m totally serious. I should do some sort of scientific experiment or something, cuz this is so true. Other parents can attest, im sure.

The rest of the day consisted of eating very little food (thus, making his mother crabby), playing, swimming, lawn mowing, paddleboating, and getting a crack full of sand.

Well, thats it for now. I hope that this first post wasnt too boring. And i hope i can keep up with this blog…..we’ll see!

-The Mom


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  1. >I think that the sand up the crack is what we miss most about Gma and Gpa’s. Double up for us this weekend Dills!

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